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16  Andrea posted on Jul 4, 2003
A delightful piece!
15  Rina Keaton posted on Apr 25, 2003
Delicious piece of academia on Spike! What a shame that Lydia is gone. Is there a chance that more of her studies on Spike will be unearthed? Also, is this essay part of the "William the Bloody Thesis" site?
14  ancient watcher posted on Apr 2, 2003
What a delightful piece of pseudo-academia. The attention to detail and the reverential tone of the author shows a real love for her subject matter. :)
13  Nos posted on Apr 2, 2003 |
Loved this. Very very nice.

"Possibly because of his own extreme, overt sexuality, Spike is rumored to be rather gifted in the arena of pleasure, and may be insightful enough to realize that a Slayer could match his proclivities and physical prowess. However, further examination of this topic will have to wait for another paper."

Who among us would not pay cold hard cash for a glimpse of this paper? Hee. Very well done.

12  gina posted on Apr 2, 2003
While I should have been writing a Lit Review myself, I stumbled upon this. Bravo! I love the way you created the 'academic' tone whilst undercutting it with Lydia's obvious sexual attraction to her subject matter.

Given that, sadly, Lydia is no longer with us and may never have finished the 'next' paper, perhaps you would be able to uncover some illuminating entries in her journals or notes, so that we could still learn from her close observations of the Valorous Vampire.

I just realised how much Lydia's reference to meeting Spike sounds like the way people speak about meeting James Marsters. I fear her lack of objectivity is sprung!
11  erose posted on Apr 2, 2003
Bravo. You obviously spent a significant amount of time and effort on this essay. I love the way you have the scholarly details (ie. internal citations), paired with an in-depth, humorous exploration of the characters at hand. Really great stuff.
10  morgain posted on Apr 1, 2003
Dearest Lydia,
As you may have heard I have lately been working with the Coven in Devon. Rupert Giles was kind enough to pass on your work to me when I mentioned we were old school chums.

I must say, my dear, this is an extremely erudite and comprehensive work, with astounding implications for the fight against Evil. I am so moved and inspired by your powerful conclusions, I have decided to visit Sunnydale this very week and meet this extraordinary specimen myself. I will be happy to share any insights with you upon my return for any of your future papers.

With fondness,

PS. I do feel that your upcoming treatise on his sexual proclivities will be enormously informative for my future interactions with William the Bloody. Is it possible to get a copy of this paper ASAP?

With heartfelt thanks, I await with baited breath.
9  Nan Dibble posted on Apr 1, 2003
Well thought out, in character, and the quotes are just delightful.

A friend steered me to this essay, and I must go right away and thank her...and pass the word along.
8  BuffyX posted on Apr 1, 2003 |
Great fic!! So insightful and delightfully funny. Love the subtle humor and how it was thoroughly thought out. You can definitely tell a lot of effort was put into it, and the end result shows. Good job!!
7  hesadevil posted on Apr 1, 2003
I'll just add my (just as intillegent) WOW! to onetwomany's. I've always wanted a follow-up to Lydia's screen appearance and here it is.
6  hesadevil posted on Apr 1, 2003
I'll just add my (just as intillegent) WOW! to onetwomany's. I've always wanted a follow-up to Lydia's screen appearance and here it is.
5  Madelyn posted on Apr 1, 2003 |
This was incredibly well-written and thoroughly engrossing to the very end. I'm so glad I stumbled upon this! (I very rarely read BTVS fiction so this was a great surprise.)

And a wonderful sense of humor throughout. Thank you!
4  Circe posted on Apr 1, 2003
Gah! Absolutely fantastic.

I loved this and I don't have the superlatives to tell you how much.

Thanks for this!
3  Ver posted on Apr 1, 2003
"...described consistently in all sightings, no matter what his state, as 'brooding.'"

Brilliant. Beautiful. Heh. This is one of the more unique and definitely one of the best written pieces of fan fiction I've ever seen. I've read lots of essays about the show, about the characters, but by making a character of the show the author of this story you add another level that's just great. Some very subtle humor, some very not-so-subtle humor, intelligent writing and an interesting analysis all made for a great read. Well done!
2  sisterpet posted on Apr 1, 2003
Loved it... its well thought out, and wonderfully told....

Any chance of getting that ...'next paper'..:)
1  OneTwoMany posted on Apr 1, 2003
This was fantastic, one of the best reads I've had in a while. Great insight into Spike, and some very pleasing 'filling in of the blanks' when it comes to his history. But why do I get the feeling Lydia isn't exactly the most impartial of observers? I also loved your observations about Xander. Hee.

I could discuss this for ages, but the review page of allaboutSpike probably isn't the place. So I'll finish with the real intelligent comment of 'wow'.

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