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12  spikesgirl posted on Feb 2, 2007
ohhh thats sooo sweet i love spike and xander very touching
11  Eledhwenlin posted on Oct 29, 2004
This was so sweet... I loved it. :)
10  MarcB. posted on Nov 1, 2003
Must admit I'm guilty of only reading Nc-17 usually, glad I veered in this direction. Very touching little fic and believable. The shower scene is written very well, poetically and so vivid. Would've loved to have seen this on the show.
9  Diva Stardust posted on Sep 20, 2003
Aw...I definitely seem to have a kink for Spike or any other Buffy character finally finding comfort in being held. So very sweet and just what Spike needed.
8  Andrea posted on Jul 4, 2003
I actually had tears in my eyes when I reached the end of this piece. Not many fan fic pieces are good enough to make me cry.
7  Demeter posted on Jun 3, 2003
Nice insight into Spike's psyche and the way Xander somewhat unaffectedly starts to care for him is pretty sweet.
6  snoopygirl posted on Apr 11, 2003
5  Estepheia posted on Apr 8, 2003
Lovely. Sad. I like bittersweet S/X. *Happy sigh*
Very economical.
4  natalie posted on Apr 8, 2003 | -
I Love this fic- I almost cried its so sad and yet sweet, I wouldn't say I'm a massive S/ X fan but that was so lovely I may change my mind!! Keep writing things like that its brill
3  DittoSpikette posted on Apr 7, 2003 |
That was marvellous. I really enjoyed it. Thanks. Luv Ditto xxoo
2  Jane Davitt posted on Apr 7, 2003 |
Lovely idea, well expressed and very touching. I think you captured Spike's thoughts and emotions at that time.
1  Angie posted on Apr 6, 2003
That's so cute !!!
I totally love your fic, it's really great writing !
I hope there's gonna be sort of a sequel because it's too good to stay alone !
My Congratulations
Big Kiss & Go on Writing !!

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