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18  Sadia posted on Oct 4, 2006
I just re-read this fic for the billionth time and it STILL leaves a big grin on my face and me feeling all happy inside. I love the portrayal of Spike, Willow and Xander as friends, they didn't have enough "nice" moments on the show. And the dialogue is spot on, well done. Great wee fic!
17  sister cuervo posted on Feb 11, 2004 |
Now that was funny! Love the funny. I could definately picture that scene and SPike's incredulous glare.
16  DittoSpikette posted on Oct 22, 2003
What they said. :D Dxxoo
15  Diva Stardust posted on Sep 21, 2003
This is so very, very cute and funny. I would've liked to have seen this too. Love it when Spike actually has friends in fics. These parts really made me laugh:

“We took a vote. You’re now our new best friend.”


“We’re best friends, huh? Does that mean we shag together?”
14  jamesgirl posted on Sep 12, 2003
great story. right amount of humour and characters sounding perfect.
13  Yhapster posted on May 4, 2003
cant think of any critisisms, so great! really loved it,
12  Pwincess posted on Apr 10, 2003
You are awesome.
11  OneTwoMany posted on Apr 1, 2003
This was adorable! Great dialogue, great ending, just great work.
10  Estepheia posted on Mar 29, 2003
It's when I read stories like this that I realise how much feel-good potential the show has denied us lately.
Very amusing! I like your Xander. You really write him well. The dialogue is spot on.
9  Edi posted on Mar 29, 2003
I love it! And you're right - this *is* how the show should end.
8  klytaimnestra posted on Mar 29, 2003
Thanks! I can't really see Rick and Louis being QUITE this friendly, but I consider it an improvement :)
7  Sandy posted on Mar 28, 2003
Oh this was great. Loved the ending with Willow being all up for a boy-girl-boy threesome. Hee! Oh how I would love to see Xander/Willow/Spike friendship on the show.
6  Sue posted on Mar 28, 2003
Loved it. You captured the characters well. I looked back over the other stories you wrote--I like your sense of humor (and fun). Keep it up, we need the relief from angst.
5  Angie posted on Mar 28, 2003
that's really great !!
and original too, I loved it !
is there going to be a sequel ??
4  Tove posted on Mar 28, 2003
3  HurrySundown posted on Mar 28, 2003
Hee! I love this - dialogue where I can see the action in my head (it's kind of crowded in there, actually *g*). This feels like it could happen - in some universe where Joss ain't in charge, of course, because it's a sort-of-happy ending and those are against his religion ... Thanks for the happy.
2  Kate posted on Mar 28, 2003
ROTFLMAO!!! Oh my goddess, this was one of the best humorous stories I've ever read. What a great idea for an ending!! You totally nailed the characters too. I could absolutely see those words coming out of Xander and Willow's mouths. And I loved the ref to the S4 episode where Xander and Willow tried to cheer a suicidal Spike up with the promise of an apocalypse. Thanks for this bit of fun. :)
1  jbee posted on Mar 28, 2003
Just when I thought that nothing would make me laugh today, I read your story. Enjoyed the picture of the trio on the verge of "a beautiful friendship"! You know a sequel or two or three, would be interesting. Perhaps with them bonding over other things and with Buffy returning to a tightly knit trio (Trying NOT to see a "shagging" scene) Hope to read more of your stories soon.

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