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5  eri posted on May 11, 2008
I like the story but no happy ending :( otherwise I like your stories.
4  monika posted on Jan 9, 2006
A such a beautiful short story. And very hot
3  Sita posted on Jun 6, 2003
I love your stories so much Nauti, you and Saber were the first Buffy authors I ever around two years ago. This fic was beautiful... touching... sexy... romantic... perfect. I loved it. :-)
2  calla posted on Apr 12, 2003
You know, I read this when you first published it, but it just seems so much more poingant now. Especially the care he takes to prove that he is more than a tool, he can bring her more pleasure and care for her (the underwear). It was a nice bit of romance.
1  nikki posted on Mar 28, 2003
WOW!!!! I thought that was a beautiful story. I really REALLY loved it. This may sound strange but it made me cry and that doesn't happen very often. Thank You for this story. Keep up the good work.~nikki~

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