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11  Diva Stardust posted on Sep 19, 2003
I don't remember if I ever gave you any feedback on this. In case I didn't just let me tell you how wonderfully creepy this story is. One of the best at giving me those good shivers from being afraid of what's going to happen next that you so rarely get from reading a fic. The usage of the First as Jesse was perfect.
10  Andrea posted on Jul 4, 2003
Well done. There were several points during the story where I got rather confused about who was supposed to be real and what dialogue was actually happening and what dialogue was only happening in Xander's imagination. However, I thought it was very effective to present Jesse to Xander as the First Evil. It was a good way to raise the ethical dilemmas that aren't always adequately explored on the show itself -- why, indeed, does Spike get a chance and not Jesse or any of the more anonymous vampires Buffy and the scoobies slay week after week? It even helps to explain Xander's intense dislike of Angel and Spike -- I had always assumed he hated them so much partly because he was jealous over Buffy, but thanks to your story, I'm now realizing that it also makes sense that Xander *has* to cling to a sharply polarized "black and white" view of the world (vampires = evil, humans = good) in order to continue to justify Jesse's death to himself. If only ME had explored this idea more on the show itself. They could have brought so much more depth and richness to Xander's character and to the BtVS universe as a whole.
9  Saggit posted on Apr 6, 2003
The Decline and Fall of Xander Harris, as Encompassed by his Good Friend, The Demon at his Shoulder. Very nicely done. I like the way you ever so gradually depict Xander's externalized fears, desires and hatreds gnawing their way through his sanity, leaving only a craving for peace--a peace that's finally shown as a nullity of all light. Best of all in this kind of story, though the conclusion was inevitable in the beginning, we weren't constantly reminded of that fact throughout.
8  TuesdayGirl posted on Mar 22, 2003
That was a truly amazing piece of fiction. A litle too sad for my taste. However, I cannot deny that it was wonderful. You really have a skill for angst and emotions.
7  Estepheia posted on Mar 21, 2003
Oookay, that wasn't exactly cheerful.
Great writing. I think while I read this I had a 'deer in headlights' look on my face. I saw the ending coming but couldn't look away.
Good job!
6  darkravine posted on Mar 21, 2003 |
Amazing. Loved the dialogue interwoven throughout - excellently chosen and timed. Beautifully characterized and written.

And I'm such a sucker for dark fics. :)
5  wiseacress posted on Mar 21, 2003
“I know.” His head tilts to the left, he opens his mouth to say something else, but Xander doesn’t give him a chance.

Hee! I like that Spike gets one last head tilt in. Great story, Circe. Wonderfully underplayed anguish and suspense. Snark. Surrealism. Isolation. A soupcon of smut. What's not to like? A light touch throughout, and muy dark...
4  Rashaka posted on Mar 21, 2003
::runs off sobbing::
3  LC posted on Mar 21, 2003
Excellent. Really well written. It makes sense that if Xander was to be taunted by the First that it would be in the form of Jesse. I always thought it was odd how he was never mentioned on the show, considering he was supposed to be his best friend. Very sad but completely believable.
2  Jane posted on Mar 21, 2003
Hit send too soon! I'll try again. Circe, that was a stunning story. Left me feeling stunned too, all sort of gasping for breath. He did it, he really did it...and it made so much sense for the FE to push those buttons. Terribly sad but a great story.
1  kamla posted on Mar 21, 2003
wow, i wish you had written that story for ten more minutes. i so would like to see buffy reaction to xander after she gets over the shock... once i get over the shock. of course i didn't like the ending :) but i did like the story it was very well written.

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