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14  Fluffy posted on Sep 3, 2014
I am not sure if this will even post but I would like to say that I have enjoyed this series of letters. It offered some insites and played with the characters, as all good fanfiction should do. SO thank you for the story.
13  Karen posted on Dec 30, 2009
I like this first chapter. The idea f Spike writing to Giles is intreging, but it kind of makes sense. Everyone has to express their emotions somewhere. I love the little touches like Spike's handwriting and the 'say hello to the Mother Country' line. Well done. ^_^
12  yhapter posted on Sep 5, 2005
Have to say this is fab, read it thru from start to finish. I appreciated the way you resisted the temptaton to 'make it all better', andwhatwe got instead is an excellent behind the scenes dialogue. Nice one!
11  TK posted on Nov 19, 2004
This was really good and I was sad to come to the end. But I think you made the right decision to end it where you did. Good job the fic. You have also inspired me to try writing again, which I really need seeing as I am planning to get into a highschool for the arts in literature, practise will be helpful. i found a strange comfort in this fic. I could almost experience the fic myself, the opening of the letters, observations made from afar. Very well done!
10  nokia posted on Sep 11, 2004
really, really liked this. the two of them sending letters to each other was a brilliant idea.i wanted to hug spike and slap buffy (i did while i was watching season six as well! )glad giles told spike to look out for himself as well as the others.loved spikes letter to lydia, especially the angel rant and the nickname explainations. it's a pity the story has to end there.
9  Estepheia posted on Dec 8, 2003
Lovely anecdote how Angel got the nickname *Peaches* - that will stay with me.
8  Roberta posted on Dec 7, 2003
Very, very enjoyable - maybe enjoyable isn't quite right (although it was) - try convincing. Particularly enjoyed the Angel bit - are you sure you didn't somehow suck that from my mind and put it into the form that I would probably have, maybe, somehow got round to putting into words? Many thanks!
7  luc posted on Dec 6, 2003
This was really wonderfully well written. Thought out, intelligent and brought some new ideas to the table too. Enjoyed it completely.
6  duj posted on Dec 6, 2003
That was brilliant, the way you worked a relationship between Giles and Spike into the season. No wonder Giles laughed uncontrollably at Buffy's "shock revelation".

Wish you could continue but don't really see how. Shame.
5  petzipellepingo posted on Dec 6, 2003
An amazing piece of work and a very, very interesting take on the events of Season Six through the eyes of Spike. I actually felt like this should somehow have been part of the show, maybe it would have made things easier to watch. You can really feel both Giles' and Spikes' pain.
4  Kim posted on Dec 6, 2003
Absolutely brilliant!
3  Kim posted on Dec 6, 2003
Absolutely brilliant!
2  Mel posted on Dec 5, 2003
This is amazing. I wept for Spike. I laughed out loud at points. It flowed beautifully and and not a single word read false. Absolutely stunning. Thank you so much for having written it.
1  Jean posted on Dec 5, 2003
A REALLY good fic - could just imagine Giles and Spike reading their respective letters! Well done.

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