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22  Fred posted on Aug 31, 2013
I loved this, granted I love any fic that makes Buffy admit to her own feelings. ^_^

I mean, I kept feeling cheated by the Buffy/Spike thing in the show, what with their attraction building for years. XD
"Rather be fighting you anyway" "Mutual"
21  Devon posted on Mar 4, 2007
I agree with Connie. Joss should look at fanfiction to see where season 8 could go. Perfect story. Thanks.
20  Sharlemaine posted on Apr 9, 2005
For what possible reason (other than everyone on staff and cast just getting pissy and whiney) did the writers not choose to go this way???? It makes perfect sense. The show would still be on TV if this had happened. Spike and Buffy were like Luke and Laura. Anybody here remember that torturous affair???.... and how happy the world was when they finally got together????? Good god! Nice story. Thank you for that!
19  Me.. posted on Jan 16, 2005
Go, I love it! Perfect. really love your stories.
18  Joy posted on Sep 18, 2003
Oh how I wish it could have gone this way.
17  Deb posted on Jun 13, 2003
This was SO beautiful, wish it could have happened this way.
16  Connie posted on May 21, 2003
Thanks for a good story, I have been so depressed - this just made my day.
Joss may own them, but I seriously think he could learn a lot from some fan fiction
15  mushmouse posted on Apr 14, 2003
OMG, that was so beautiful! You've really captured the depth of romanticism in the B/S relationship. Loved this fic.
14  jules posted on Apr 7, 2003
if only this would have happened. hell i would have even settled for 1/2 of that to happen. well done and well written. looking forward for more stories from you.
13  Mommanerd posted on Mar 16, 2003
I really enjoyed this sad/sweet/hopeful piece - This couple has a deeply fascinating relationship and so many of the issues came into play here. Good job!
12  Vixen posted on Mar 3, 2003
Damn I really wish that would have happened.
Really great story.
11  DSDragon posted on Feb 26, 2003 |
If only it had happened your way... *sigh*
10  Vieve posted on Feb 19, 2003
And that's exactly how First Date ended. Aaah.
9  jocap posted on Feb 17, 2003
Pretty darn good. I'd say this is as close as I've seen in fan fiction to their true literary natures. I think Joss Whedon should read this one; You've caught the truth of his characters. Not to mention, very romantic! Great job!!!
8  Celia posted on Feb 17, 2003
Yes! Great one! I wish it could end that way. Nice characterization
7  Resa posted on Feb 16, 2003
Perfect ending to 'First date'! That's the way it should have gone if Buffy had any sense..... You had them cptured so well. Thank you.
6  OneTwoMany posted on Feb 16, 2003 |
Lovely story; romantic and caring without an excess of sappiness. You have a really great grasp on the characters of both Spike and Buffy. Well done!
5  jules posted on Feb 16, 2003
loved your story. short but sweet. best post fd yet. you nailed spike's emotion quickly. keep up the great work
4  edenfan posted on Feb 16, 2003
Ozfan - bravo!!! Sweet but also gritty and true, and the best postFD fic I've read so far. The muse is with you!
3  Rashaka posted on Feb 15, 2003 |
This was wonderful. I've bene surprised by the sudden plethora of well-written post-FD fics. Yours definitely improves the list. Keep writing Buffyfic; I've enjoyed your other stories as well.
2  cjdd posted on Feb 15, 2003
Sigh! This is exactly how it should happen.
1  Lisa/Isabel posted on Feb 14, 2003
Oh, if only!! loved it

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