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13  CallinMeBlondie posted on Aug 20, 2010
Love my Spuffy *dorky grin*
12  mary posted on May 16, 2010
"Dear Buffy: You Slay Me."
That is priceless.
Loved the characterization of both Buffy and Spike. Great story!
11  Sarah May posted on Jul 15, 2009
Oh my God, this is ADORABLE
10  Jessi posted on Sep 24, 2005
That was so precious!! I love it, it's perfect; it totally captures the sweet/shy awkward sort of affection they had in Season 7...I love it, please write more!! :)
9  S's Girl posted on Sep 21, 2005
Oh, so sweet...but my God how I want to stake her! He always was so thoughtful and loving, even souless he had more emotions!
8  Lyssa posted on Apr 19, 2005
okay, so this was written like two years ago, but I just happened to read it and I LOVED it! The charecterization was so good, and I could picture all of the scenes perfectly.
7  briana posted on Jul 1, 2004
damn that was so good
6  lena posted on Feb 16, 2004
awwwwww. this is my 2nd time reading this fic, i don't know why i didn't review last time. i guess i forgot. so then, i liked this fic last year when i read it, and i liked it again this year. what a wonderfull, funny scene between my two favorite character!
5  Tiffany posted on Mar 3, 2003
Wow. ::wipes tear from eye::
Amazing piece of fluff.
"Dear Buffy: You Slay Me."
4  moia posted on Feb 18, 2003
it was perfect..Spike's new voice as souled was perfect.
3  kiernen posted on Feb 16, 2003
wow *tear* that was adorable, it totally made my day
2  WilliamsLove posted on Feb 16, 2003
Your my hero, that was so cute, I LOVE YOU MAN!! write more!!
1  lisa posted on Feb 14, 2003
very sweet! happy valentine's day!

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