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22  Lily posted on Apr 24, 2007
Beautiful, beautiful, be-a-u-tiful! I don't have any other words. Not mushy, not too perfect, very realistic-like (I mean, for the show), insightful, and just happy enough to leave you with a smile. I love this story so much, I really wish there was more of it. Really, really.
21  Nos posted on Mar 27, 2007
Testing out the nifty review system, and I've always loved this story. Thanks for writing it!
20  Krystle posted on May 4, 2006 |
I really like this story alot...i've actually just discovered the show...i'm a Roswell fan and write alot of fanfic for that show, but i LOVE Spike and i stumbled onto this sight...i think this story is amazing so far, can't wait for more
19  Chelsea posted on Oct 25, 2005
OMG! You've gotta update, please! I realize that you haven't updated in,like, ever, but this is a great fic!
18  lyssa posted on Apr 22, 2005
you have a real talent as a writer and a total understanding of the charecters!
17  lizzie lou posted on Jun 21, 2004
Wow. You write beautifully, and had me gasping for more. I didn't think I could fall any more in love with Spike, till now. Fantastic piece. Please write more!!
16  spikesgirl posted on Jan 24, 2004
this fic is realy good, you can realy imagine how spike must feel, how much he wants her. we can all relate to it.
15  Carla posted on Dec 7, 2003
The S/B chapter was everything the other reviewers have said, I don't have much to add there. What I really want to say is "thank you" for the fabulous Xander/Anya vignette. I'm new to fan fiction, but from what I have seen so far, X/A are given short shrift most of the time, and I thought this scene rang true according to my understanding of the characters. (I grew up with an alcoholic parent; I feel like I understand where Xander was coming from.)

Harmony, do you intend to continue this?
14  Meg posted on Nov 28, 2003
This is sooo good write some more please!! I like how you made portayed relationships happily (and you did it well too!) Can't wait for 3!
13  oz posted on Nov 7, 2003 | allaboutspike
Pay no attention to those philos who don't appreciate your work on X/A's relationship -- if anything EVER needed explanation... You're opening up Xander as well as Wiseacres ever has, and not in slash. Which I get tired of...
12  Spuffy4evr posted on Sep 17, 2003
Wonderful. I've never reqad you're fics before and now you've got me hooked. Chapter 1 basically is the reason i love Buffy and Spike so. And Chapter 2 was a nice suprise. Wasn't expecting the Xander and Anya, but it was good, I like how you portrayed Xander, made be jump to see if there was anothr chapter (Willow/Tara?) but alas, there wasn't. So, to sum up, I like this fic. Write more soon please! ;)
11  Laura posted on Jun 18, 2003
Loved the Spike and Buffy. You really got Spike's dialogue down. Truly enjoyed. Why couldn't you have been a writer for Buffy during Season 6.

X/A was fine. I wasn't really interested in them.
10  sherbert posted on Mar 25, 2003
Bit confuded about chapter 2, didn't read it as not particularly interested in X/A. But chapter 1 was so amazingly good, your writing is sublime, it really is. You've perfectly captured and expanded upon the few brief moments when season 6 Spuffy wasn't too awful - I'm thinking of the opening post-coital scene in Dead Things, glimmers in Older and Far Away. Your Spike dialogue is spot on and you seem to have Buffy about right too, which I think is much harder. And you can write sex that is erotic as opposed to cringe-making, that puts you way up with only a few other writers eg Annie Sewell-Jennings, Kalima, Herself, Jodyorjen and several others (dammit, this isn't an Oscars thank you speech). Please write some more.....
9  WilliamsLove posted on Mar 13, 2003
Ahhhhhhck damn you!! what happend to the sweet sexy spuffy love?!?! I was all excited for chapter 2 :( if i had more time i would read this, because you are a very talented writer, and chapter 1 was amazing... but im a spuffy person myself...
8  WGJ12 posted on Mar 12, 2003
Aw, shucks. So sweet. I never think about Anya and Xander a whole lot but this little window into their life was nice. Poor Xander -- insecure, full of good intentions but so unfinished.
7  Supergirl posted on Feb 19, 2003 |
very sweet, & really sexy too. spike talking dirty always does it for me. & the heartbreaking sweetness could almost make me cry. think you captured the mood of season 6 quite well, too -- which makes the story just a bit depressing, but also means it's very well written

the only thing i'd criticize is a few times u switched from present 2 past tense. it's no big deal, though, just a minor thing i'd try 2 watch in the future. but this is still an amazingly good story

almost didn't realize it was a WIP, because it'd already b perfect as a stand-alone. but since there *is* going 2 b more, i'm eagerly awaiting future chapters


don't know if i've said this before in a previous review of ur fic, but if u'd care 2 check out mine i would b very greatful (& honored, since u're such a great writer). if u want 2, here's a linkie where it's posted:
6  Mandi posted on Feb 14, 2003 |
Great start, I can't wait to read more. You write the best fics :)
5  Roquelaure posted on Feb 13, 2003
Yay! Another story from Harmony. Wonderful, as always. And I've very pleased it's a WIP. More is good. Here's a challenge for you, though - could you write something that ISN'T good? :)
4  OneTwoMany posted on Feb 13, 2003
Hot, sexy, fun, yet poignant and very true to character. A great start, can't wait for more.
3  lisa posted on Feb 13, 2003
absolutely gorgeous, incredibly hot...sizzling, even
you write amazing spike
excellent dialogue!
2  treacle antlers posted on Feb 12, 2003 |
The glorious slow burn as only you can write Harm. As usual left me slack-jawed and a bit hot under the collar, but with the addition of a lump in my throat. Look forward to more of the same.
1  elizabeth posted on Feb 12, 2003
if you haven't seen 7.14 "First Date" my comments might be a little spoilery....
anyway, last night when I watched that episode and Buffy said, "Why does everyone think I'm *still* in love with Spike?" My immediate reaction was to wonder, "whenever were we supposed to get the impression that you actually, truly loved him?" I mean, I could believe she felt fondness and desire toward him, but to go so far as to imply that she actually loved him from what we saw on screen...I didn't think I bought it. I wasn't convinced. That said, I thought you'd like to know that after reading "Afterglow" I'm of the firm mind that if someone had deigned to show Buffy and Spike in the same kind of light as in this fiction, I wouldn't have said WTF? when Buffy said she *still* loved him. The believability in the face of canon is what makes all your fictions, especially this one, so moving. So from now on, when I have a crisis of faith in the depth of Spike and Buffy's relationship, all I need to do is think, "oh, but remember, in HarmonyFB's fic she showed could tell she loved him. " So, with no criticisms to add to this review, I'll say thank you for showing me the layers of a kinder, gentler Spuffy (even in season six) that will always have been there, but unfortunately, was often unexplored onscreen.

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