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4  Mona posted on Mar 3, 2003 |
Heh. Change of pace?

Liked it a lot. Nice Clem voice in a story that fits seamlessly into canon, filling in the blank spots we've been wondering about.

Yet, no Xander and no slash to be seen anywhere-- you feelin' alright?

& ;-)
3  Glamac posted on Mar 2, 2003
Really great writing. Something diverent. It's not usual to read stories like this, from a thirds persons point of view. Great. Go on.
2  OneTwoMany posted on Mar 2, 2003 |
What a gorgeous ficlet! You've captured Clem beautifully. I love his perspective on the B/S relationship - honest, heartwrenching and, most importantly, all. about. Spike.

Wow. Just wow.
1  Rashaka posted on Mar 2, 2003 |
Just re-read this for the nth time, and I still love it. It's become one of my favorite Buffy ficlets ever. I just love Clem, and you get his voice perfect here. And I love that he's talking to Giles. And I also love how you use him to provide an outside perspective of B/S... and, I love a good happy ending too.


::sob:: Buffy's only got 6 episodes left! I'm gonna go cry msyelf to sleep....

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