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28  Missty posted on Jan 20, 2013
Rock Steady baby! So cool! So good!
27  Kari posted on Aug 6, 2011
Love this! I think it's a pretty realistic depiction of Xander getting involved in a threesome, especially with Spike. Not to mention it's super hot! Makes me want a big girl of my own! Not to mention a vampire and a carpenter...
26  Mel posted on Jun 10, 2008
Okay, I never comment on these things, but I just wanted to say that you're a freakin genius.

That is all.
25  Kristy posted on Jul 28, 2006
Hahahahahahahahahaha...tiny dancer...hahahahahahaha
24  jacqui posted on Mar 7, 2006
this is so good and so funny!more please!
23  Which Witch posted on Apr 9, 2004 |
Don't know what took me so damn long to read this fic. It's been on my To Read list for so long... and hey! It was fantastic!

Great characters, great language, very hot. Loved your Xander, especially.

And yeah, I'm just another Big Girl giving you the thumbs up :)
22  Rose posted on Mar 26, 2004
Yeah! Big girls ROCK! I wouldn't mind being in a Spike and Xander sandwich. Pant! Must take a cold shower! LOL
21  Ann posted on Mar 26, 2004
Great and sexy story! Being a rather big girl myself, it's awsome to see Spike having such a good time a big gal. Shows he's not shallow, although I know he wasn't.
20  lamamacita1981 posted on Jun 2, 2003 |
Followed the link here from Ms Mephisto's journal. Spike, et al...isn't normally my cup of tea. I could count the number of times I've seen the show on one hand.

I do, however, trust Mephisto's opinion of quality in regards to writing style, so I chanced a skim and was by no means disappointed. Haven't finished the piece; time doesn't permit. But I'll definitely add this link to favorites and save it for when I've got a bit more time.

I feel confident in saying this: It's authors like you who give fanfic a good name. Please tell me you're working on something original for publication.
19  Ms Mephisto posted on Jun 2, 2003 |
I bow down to your Spike-y greatness woman. I know he's a naughty vampire with a quick mouth on him but you make him so baad .. in a good way I mean LoL Oki, I can see that the feedback isn't really much more than blabberings so I'll just do the after-glow thingy. *sigh* Thank you.
18  Ms Mephisto posted on Jun 2, 2003 |
ROTF! Jeezus! I wish I could have seen this in front of me. When Xander said he was trying to get on top .. I laughed so hard. You have a wonderful way of writing your characters, so true to their nature if they got a chance to be wicked enough. Love it! And I haven't been reading m/m before but I am so NOT gonna stop reading now (only read ch.1 so far). You may have converted me into Xander/Spike fandom woman! LoL Thank you for a great read and please bring us more.
17  Ana posted on Jun 1, 2003
Wow woman, you have mad writing skills! This story is hot and funny and completely in character. Most of all, your phrasing is so clever and *skillful.* I'm outta words. Well ok no not yet.... If you wrote a story about a man setting his alarm clock, I'd read it and just about anything else. God, you're amazing. I need a post-coital smoke.
16  Katy posted on May 30, 2003
That was the single funniest thing I've read all year. God bless you and speed you to write more. Thunderous applause and mardi gras beads. You are wonderful and should be published (if only there were a market for (or at least not a law against) such things.. :D )
15  Zyrya posted on May 30, 2003
Bless you. Am going to have a cup of tea and a nice lie-down.
14  Tia posted on May 30, 2003
Wonderful laugh-out-loud dialogue (especially between Spike and Xander and with Xander's lovably clueless mother :-) And Nicolette herself? One of the best OCs I've read. Great job! Sequel?
13  jen posted on May 29, 2003
Hysterical and hot hot hot. First even vaguely Spander ship I've ever read. Thanks ^_^
12  VioletSpike posted on May 29, 2003
GOOD GOD! wheehw get me a fan!
Girl that was some of the hottest stuff I have ever read!
white hot swirling ectacy...

11  DittoSpikette posted on May 29, 2003
Excellent. Ditto
10  Zyrya posted on May 7, 2003
More! Please! Nicolette is fabulous, and of course fun Spander is always a good thing.

favourite line: "I *am* ecstasy."
9  PixenVixen posted on Mar 20, 2003
Whoa, like, half of that didn't even make any sort of sense, while the other half had me laughing off my chair. Hilarious! And confusing!
8  Darkwoods posted on Mar 8, 2003
God this is the funniest thing I've read in a month of Sundays! Love Xander's inner monologue, and Spike's native ability to "nail sexy at fifty paces." How delicious is this story? You've nailed these characters down to Nicolette's fake fur pillows. "Ever kiss fella?" Love it to death. Thanks, big time.
7  Fifi posted on Feb 11, 2003
love it, great, wonderful!
6  Angie posted on Feb 11, 2003
hey I NEED the next part !!! please so good !!
really I like it, I won't be able to sleep tonight; and this is so different for the other stories, absolutely great !!
5  lisa posted on Feb 8, 2003
oooh! more! this is fun....
4  Kookie315 posted on Feb 7, 2003 |
Whoa, that was some weird shit. I'm not gonna be able to sleep tonight. Still need to see what happeneds next, though.
3  kivrin posted on Feb 7, 2003
This is so much fun! I'm looking forward to the next part.
2  sherebis posted on Feb 7, 2003 |
This is great!!! WRite more soon!
1  Myra posted on Feb 7, 2003
LOVE it.

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