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6  Shadowscast posted on May 23, 2004
I wish this had been a scene on the show. Thanks for getting Buffy to throw a little compassion to the crazy vampire in the basement. It feels right.
5  MikkTorrent posted on Jan 23, 2004
[sob] gawd thats good. and irksome things upon you for making me like buffy! dangit! i watch the show and she's mean and nasty, then i read stuff like this and i have to like her...poot. but thank you, this is a lovely story, i do hope you write more.
4  tp1031 posted on Feb 27, 2003
"Remembering the ones that ain't there. Somebody has to remember. Gone. Nobody prays there. Nobody's saved." This is probably just me and I'm making weird connections. But this line was so powerful because the same nursery rhyme was used in George Orwell's 1984 and the rememberance of the past is one of the dominant themes so I thought these lines were reminiscent of his book. Definitely continue this...can't wait!
3  Estepheia posted on Feb 23, 2003
Very nice. Did you actually research the fate of the churches?
Beautiful dialogue.
2  Nebula posted on Feb 23, 2003
I loved the story!!! It should've been put into the episode as the end of 'Help'. It was beautifully done, and I would also love to see more of this story. Would you consider a sequel? Keep writing, please!
1  WilliamsLove posted on Feb 22, 2003
That was cute!! It was so believable, nice job capturing the characters!! You should continue with this story line!!

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