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5  Jesykah posted on Oct 19, 2008
I absolutely loved part one, but after that just the style of writing made me not want to read. I'm positive that it's a great story, but it just doesn't make sense for you to change to a style that isn't story writing. It's a script.
4  Andrea posted on Jul 6, 2003
Characters were not always "in voice" (Spike, for example, didn't consistently use the kind of phrasing I normally associate with him). Apart from that, though, it was well written. There were several places where I laughed out loud, especially in the "trailer." I liked how you parodied the way ME tried to keep the audience guessing whose side Wood was really on, or whether Giles might be the first. (From the summary, it sounded like this story/script was written right after "Never Leave Me" aired, but from the things you incorporated into the script it looks like you wrote at least parts of it later in the season than that.)
3  Cindi posted on Apr 12, 2003
I normally won't read fics in script form, but yours worked. I was not confused at all. Thoroughly delightful. Thank you!
2  Mandi posted on Apr 9, 2003 |
Great fic, I just wish you stayed in the same form as Chapter One. (I was a little confused when it jumped to screenplay style)
1  Lex posted on Apr 9, 2003
As good as the writing and story are, I have to admit I found it easier to read the prose than to read the screenplay style text.

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