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8  Voxleo posted on Sep 1, 2013
Just lovely. And compelling! I started to read and had to finish despite having other things needing doing. Characters true to their form.

And I have to say, as a Spuffy lover from the start (and always amidst the Bangel fanfic which emasculates my Blondie Bear so undeservedly), from the bottom of my heart, I thank you so much for giving Spike a large penis. He deserves it. =)
7  ILoveLamp posted on Dec 14, 2012
Beautiful story.
I was actually upset with Dru. That never happens, but she interrupted the happy and It was just getting started.

I love Tara completely, and I loved your group dynamic before Willow and Xander returned. There was a really nice balance.

As I said, beautiful story.
6  a. e. posted on Aug 8, 2007
Whoa nellie, you wrote beautifully and with love, from an agile brain and true heart. Your lovely story caused me to be awake much past my bedtime becos I couldn't stand not to know what next. I never much gave a fig about Angel, now he's dear to my heart(big man holding little baby), god how Xander sucks, why is anya with him when she is so open and sweet. Your story is both the ones I loved from the tv and yet different. Real subtle smooth texture, like gelato--rich and compelling. Wowiezowie Batman--do you suppose for even an instant, that somewhere on this earth there is a man and a woman who love so utterly as these folks do, whose hearts can truly meld for eternity? Please accept my totally joyous thanks for your hard hard work and know forever in your heart that your gentle words sent into space fell, rooted and blossomed in a heart you've never met. From my heart of hearts to yours, blessings, fair winds
5  Spuffy4evr posted on Jun 2, 2004
I love it! Just reread it, everything about thi story is very well written. And the ending is beautiful. Love for there to be a sequel.
4  spaceghostess posted on Dec 21, 2002
Wow. This was really a wonderful read, particularly the ending. It's rare to find a story where all the characters are treated with respect. The dialogue rang true, and the sex scenes were very well described! Thanks for a great story. :-)
3  Lyn posted on Oct 30, 2002
Loved it! The epilogue is wonderful.
2  Dutchbuffy2305 posted on Oct 21, 2002
This is a WIP, right? You're not going to leave us here? Great Story!
1  ali posted on Oct 20, 2002
I heard there would be an epilogue, will there still be one?

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