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18  spikegirl65 posted on Dec 2, 2011
Lovely story. It was so nice to see someone being genuinely nice to Spike. Those moments were incredibly rare.
17  Estepheia posted on Nov 26, 2006 |
I still love this story. I must have read hundreds of S/X stories, back then when I was still active in the fandom, but of those hundreds I now only remember about three dozen or so, and this is one of the stories I remember and occasionally rearead.
16  Jessi posted on Sep 24, 2005
I liked this a lot, very true to both characters, and helps to redeem Xander a little for his behavior towards Spike in the past; it makes sense that Spike would make the assumptions he does, because that's what everyone's always done for him; he doesn't "get" comfort without having to pay for it; touching and sweet...almost therapeutic :) Thanx for writing
15  Brynhild posted on May 11, 2004 |
Interesting. I liked ^_^
14  MikkTorrent posted on Jan 18, 2004
i would like to wholeheartedly agree with everything x just said
13  X posted on May 2, 2003
I really liked this story- what with Spike doing the whole ''okay, I''ll be good, I''ll fuck you, don''t hit me'' routine he perfected with Buffy, and Xander doing something nice for a change. I hope that you do a sequel, but don''t let it go into slash- theres so much of that out there, and I want people to actually be nice to Spike for a while, without the whole sex thing. besides, xanders straight as a rod. some people just have overactive imaginations.
12  DittoSpikette posted on Apr 7, 2003 |
Read it before. Really good. Ditto xxoo
11  PixenVixen posted on Mar 20, 2003
I'm wondering if Spike, in his insanity, is getting Xander all swirled up with Buffy, what with the being nice to him only to get what she really wants, which is the fucking. A unique and interesting read.
10  Saggit posted on Mar 7, 2003
Nicely done. I'm glad you didn't take the low road and spell everything out, explaining to us in the equivalent of drawn diagrams with neon-color chalk where each protagonist was coming from, and what they wanted at any given moment. The irony works, too: Xander missed his chance with Spike, as he missed it with Anya, and is trying to change a situation too late. Good job.
9  lena posted on Mar 7, 2003
well done.
8  OneTwoMany posted on Feb 16, 2003 |
Beautiful story, touching and sad. I think you captured both characters beautifully, and I particularly enjoyed Xander's reluctant yet decidedly caring 'beside manner'. Just lovely.
7  Indri posted on Feb 13, 2003 |
I think you've nicely captured where Spike and Xander were at that point of time. The dialogue is spot-on. I much enjoyed this and hope you write further BtVS pieces.
6  Fifi posted on Feb 11, 2003
great, touching, real, thanks
5  Anne Hedonia posted on Feb 9, 2003 |
Excellent, really well done. And alluding to slash without actually going there, which I do appreciate. I liked the humbling nature of Xander having to admit that he just needed to do this for Spike - for company and something to do, yes, but also like volunteering when one is depressed, like redeeming himself after his sin with Anya, etc. - and though the idea of Spike "pinch-hitting" isn't probably *completely* foreign to the desperately-lonely Xander, I'm glad he doesn't go there. And it makes all the sense in the world that Spike *does* go there, because I do see him as being used to "doing as he's told", what with his newly-acquired guilt and decades of (undoubtedly) weathering the worst impulses the world has to offer.

Nice, very in character. Well done. :)
4  Saturn Girl posted on Feb 9, 2003 |
Lovely! Always nice to read non-slashy S/X. Hope to see more from you.
3  Estepheia posted on Feb 7, 2003
Wonderful story. I don't care if there's slash (although I like slash a lot), as long as there's peace or at least some kind of truce. This was touching and sweet in a non-saccharine way. Lovely.
2  kilroy posted on Feb 6, 2003
good s/x friendships, love s/x slash even more. there will be more won't there?
1  sherebis posted on Feb 5, 2003 |
Great job, loved the Xander narrative. Want a sequel/series to go into the slash world. :O)
Okay, get to work... heheheh

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