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8  Meltha posted on Nov 27, 2006 |
Oh, wow. Now that was an ending I didn't see coming! I particularly liked that you had Anya give him the ashes, and the real situation with Dru was cleverly hidden until the end.
7  Laura posted on Sep 23, 2006
Lee, this fic was written years before that episode aired.
6  Lee posted on Sep 21, 2006
The chip doesnt kill the vampire if he kills a human, remember the man which Spike killed with the pipe who was once a worm thingy.
5  nia posted on Oct 30, 2005
4  The Final Girl posted on Mar 17, 2004
Wow... beautifully written, I'd like to see what else you've written on this site. I got this from looking under the catagory "Webmistress' Choice", and I can see why this is one of the stories she picked.
3  Diva Stardust posted on Sep 24, 2003
Yikes! Powerful stuff. I love the atmosphere of this story. Dreamlike, almost hazy, not really happening but it is. If that makes any sense...
2  Yhapster posted on Mar 19, 2003
Oh my god! Evil Zero, I was so not expecting that. Yay!
1  Rina Keaton posted on Mar 19, 2003
Boy! That was interesting! Didn't see that coming! Dru really got her revenge, didn't she?

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