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3  Lara posted on Nov 20, 2007
Mmmmm.. I don't know what to think about it, Buffy is toooo bitchy towards him, and THAT is saying something, especially when he no longer is an "evil, souless thing"
2  MikkTorrent posted on Jan 23, 2004
this has to be one of my favorite crazy!spike stories. mainly because he was crazy while still being spike and buffy was just the right amount of bitchy. so verra nice job, please continue writing, cause you do it so nice.
1  kilroy posted on Jan 28, 2003
good story. liked the reference to spike getting caned as a boy for being left handed, i am an older fanfic reader, and my mum knew people that wre told to write with the right hand and not the left . nothing to do with being evil i hasten to add,more to do with every thing being set up for the right handed.anyway,as i said, good story, although it's a pity spike didn't have a few fireworks to go with his bonfire !

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