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11  remuslives posted on Mar 25, 2012
massive awwwwwe! that was the sweetest damn thing!
10  Slayergirl posted on Mar 31, 2005 |
Sweet! I loved this. Must look for more of your fics, I love Spike and Buffy like this. I like the fact that Spike understands her insecurities, here, and shows he cares in the way she needs most - someone just to be there for her. Well-written, too! Lovely.
9  HermioneWeasley192 posted on Dec 9, 2004
Beautiful... ;sniff; Absolutely in character, and so, so believeable... Love your work.
8  ~ Lynne C. ~ posted on Jul 20, 2004 |
You create such poignant and true-to-character "moments"...I really do see this as reasonably in-character for Buffy by Season 7 ~ contradictory, but willing to not hide so much.

The statements at the beginning, wherein Spike ruminated on why he loved her and if he still did, and that he still did -- it's a profound observation in it's simplicity, that we sometimes don't know what will make us cry more! Ah, emotions.

And this just made me laugh: "I'm the Needy Queen of Needville". The voice is right on!

Super work. I look forward to readng more.

~ Lynne C. ~
7  Briana posted on Jul 1, 2004
I really enjoy the storys you write with Spike and Buffy. They are sweet and I sometimes think this is the way they act between episodes. I love to read the stuff inbetween it really fills in the blanks for me. I also really hate that Buffy is over, so these stories make it easier to deal.
6  snoopygirl posted on Jan 30, 2003
Sigh! I liked that. Very romantic. That's the stuff I come in here to read. Write some more please.
5  Norlaine posted on Jan 28, 2003
Sweet! Really enjoyed this...
4  Julie posted on Jan 27, 2003
Yes, Cindy, this is a lovely story! It sounds very much like both Spike and Buffy. I hope you will be writing more along this line, if you don't expand this particular story.

Nice job! I liked this a lot!
3  sherebis posted on Jan 26, 2003 |
This was just lovely. What a nice little moment
between them. I loved it. I want to see it on
the small screen! heheheh Great job.
2  Katie posted on Jan 26, 2003
This is really, really good!! I think you should write more 'cause this is just too sweet to leave like this. Please, please ,please write more? :D If you do can you please tell me so I can make sure to read it!! Thanks. But if you don't that's okay, too. :) Kudos on this story!!
1  Anne posted on Jan 26, 2003
Good, but too short. I wanted to read more! :)

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