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15  Kat DeVries posted on Jan 2, 2010
Wow, this is exactly how it should have turned happened in the show. I love, love, love this story.
14  spinx posted on Dec 14, 2006
Well.... I might be little late in posting my comment...but hey better late than never.

What can I say, I liked it, liked it a hell of a kinda soothed my nerves.
You see, I´m sick right now and nobody´s here, so I had all the calmness in the world to enjoy this.

Maybe you want to write a sequel sometime, eh?

Well whatever, it was a great read so keep on with it!
13  Court posted on Dec 20, 2005
I loved it...the note from Buffy was a little unrealistic considering Buffy was suposed to actually be really smart but just didn't try but i still thought the note was funny
12  Slayergirl posted on Mar 31, 2005 |
Lovely interaction between Spike and Buffy. Nice.
11  alyssa posted on Jun 26, 2003
yeah im definately gonna have to agree with erose about the voice of the black character, but that wasnt the point of the fic. i liked it, and it was nice to have a sex scene that wasnt completely pornographic.
10  erose posted on Mar 31, 2003

I have to go to work. I'll tell the principle I've got a sick reliti relative at home so I'll be back at lunchtime. We only have one bag of blood and it's kind of old. I told Kennedy, one of the girls whose staying here, that she should give it to you when you wake up. Guess I'll explain about the girls later. Giles will be around so talk to him if you have any problems.


Not to be a bitch, but this departs from canon. Buffy is not dumb, as evidence by her high score on a college entrace test.
Now, to completely be a bitch, because I think you deserve it, I am utterly offended by the voice of the black character. She does not talk like that on the show, you used a stereotypical black voice that harkens back to the days of Jim Crow. I couldn't read any more of your story after:
"Well, I ain't never had a Watcher," said Overalls, "and I've sure as hell never seen a soul. But it ain't up to us to go murder Buffy's boyfriend. She says she trusts him, that's good enough for me. Anything else is her problem."

Most black people do not talk like this anymore, especially in a setting where one would be surrounded by whites who would attribute it to a lack of intelligence, and more imporantly, I can't really picture Rona saying "ain't never". If you've heard her say that, prove me wrong.
9  M Jay posted on Mar 1, 2003
Very nice! I liked it a lot and will definatly read it again!
8  kari posted on Feb 23, 2003
All I can say is...WOW! This is fabulous! Loved it, would love to read more!
7  lanie posted on Jan 30, 2003
This was really nice. Very honest and emotional.
6  teargrrl posted on Jan 30, 2003
thank you.... this soothes a little of the dissapointment of potential- where nothing about sSpikes torture had been addressed... and great dialogue.
5  sherry posted on Jan 30, 2003
Loved this, well done! Characters true to form, great dialogue. Well written, I want more! Part 2??
4  Resa posted on Jan 29, 2003
Perfect! This is howw it really should have ended!!
3  Clara posted on Jan 28, 2003
This was absolutely gorgeous, can't think of a better way to follow up that episode. Thanks!
2  Marilyn posted on Jan 28, 2003
I really enjoyed your was well written, especially the dialogue. I was disappointed to see it end there....any hope for more??
1  Sali posted on Jan 28, 2003
For me this is the perfect fic.....

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