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49  Rosie posted on May 16, 2004
Just read the rest now and I have to stick with my original thought that this is brilliant. I don't know if anyone else feels this but you know when you read something and it's so moving you start to shake? Or cry? Even when it's not sad, but you can feel the character's emotions yourself. That only comes from reading a good peice of fic. Needless to say that is what I felt reading Believe so please write more? It would be great if you would continue it.
48  Rosie posted on May 15, 2004
Wow this is a fantastic story really, I've only read up to part 19 but its really amazing, possible the best fic I've read. The chemistry between Buffy and Spike is really strong, anyone can tell that from just watching the show but you've managed to put all that into words. It's a gift. Please go on writing stuff because I love reading stuff! Thanks for entertaining my saturday night!
47  Pam posted on Apr 12, 2004
Great story--are you going to continue it? I hope so! I don't see any comments from you since last June.
46  cori posted on Jul 7, 2003
Fantastic story! Great read...and even though your clock says "way past bedtime" you just can't quit!
45  Rocky posted on Jun 30, 2003
Ahhh, thanks Andrea.
Took Spanish in high school, but most people know that you pretty much forget everything 2 seconds after taking that diploma. ;)
Anyway, thanks for the fix info--I'll get that repaired asap. :) And thanks for all the encouragement... I've been working too hard lately, so I'll take a break soon and get some writing done!
44  Andrea posted on Jun 29, 2003
Good stuff! Keep it coming! Like Buffybot, I don't like fic that has Buffy and Spike leaping into bed in the first chapter. I'm a "Spuffy" fan and enjoy reading fiction that has Spike and Buffy eventually ending up together--but any fic that sticks to 6th season canon should (IMO) acknowledge all the dark baggage that both Spike and Buffy ended up with from everything that happened that year. (Of course AU fic that ignores the 6th season altogether is a different story, so to speak.) I like that you're taking things slow with Buffy and Spike.

Spanish criticism for the 24th chapter, though: the verb "Mirar" means to look AT something ... you use it if you're looking at (watching) television, or looking at something. If you want to say that something "looks like" or "seems" (old, dead, tired, whatever) then the verb you want is "Parecer." I forget if you conjugate it "Se parece," "me parece," or just "parece" (maybe someone more fluent in Spanish than I am can help out).

Also: when an adjective ends with an "o" (viejo, cansado, muerto), then the word ending must change to match the gender and number of the noun that it describes. Buffy is female; hence, the vampire should be describing her as "vieja," "cansada," and "muerta."
43  rashaka posted on Jun 17, 2003 |
I need more of this fic! Give us an update! please!
42  Brittney posted on May 5, 2003
It must suck that your computer is wigging out on you. If it helps, mine is too. Anyways, do as best as you can on bringing us updates. And dont have doubts, Im absolutely sure that all your fans will stay by your side including me. :)
41  Rocky posted on May 1, 2003
Hey everyone, I don''t know how many of you are still waiting, but I''ve been having some major computer problems lately (one problem involving the deletion of my entire story.) Lately there''s been this fun email problem I like to call "no emails will ever be sent ever again." But, I''m working on it still. Don''t give up on me! Don''t leave me! :(
40  Nan Dibble posted on May 1, 2003
You have patience with your story, letting it spin and build and rest. Keep spinning it. That''s how it''s done.
39  Buffybot posted on Apr 9, 2003
Rocky, another awesome chapter. I look forward to this story, checking the site every day. The angst and UST is rockin, it's killing me, but in a good way! Don't want the story to end. Please continue with this masterpiece. You write Buffy & Spike so well. I just love the internal struggle of Buffy's mind. Quick, stop reading reviews and get cracking on another chappy:)
38  Sarah posted on Apr 9, 2003
Thanks Rocky for your answers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
37  Brittney posted on Apr 9, 2003
Dont you just hate when you REALLY want Buffy and Spike to just GET TOGETHER ALREADY BUT then the other part of you REALLY wants the fic to LAST A LONG TIME so the Spike and Buffy loving will be even better?!!!!!! Well thats how I feel! I loved this fic and I wish it would never end. But then part of me wants to see Spike and Buffy kiss and STUFF (wink wink) Well, anywho, I loved Ch 24 and plz keep up the GREAT WORK!!!!
36  kimi posted on Apr 9, 2003
This just gets better and better. You've done an excellent job in bringing the pot to a low boil. No quick and dirty fixes for you. Brava! I 'squeeeeed' when I saw that another part of this was up.

Take your time. Everybody knows UST is best!

35  SPIKELOVER posted on Apr 3, 2003
34  Resa posted on Apr 2, 2003
Another brilliant chapter. Two back to back....yea!!!! The tension between Spike and Wood was sooo believable. All your characters always are! Wonderful stuff!!!!
33  Rocky posted on Apr 1, 2003
Girl. Older. No. No. :)
32  Sarah posted on Apr 1, 2003
Rocky, Are you:
Guy or Girl? Teen or older? Married? Website?
31  Brittney posted on Apr 1, 2003
That was beautiful. I love the moment w/ Buffy and Spike. It was truely perfect. You are incredibily talented, and yes I know I cant spell:P. Anywho, I appreciate you righting and I hope that you can write more fics that are moving and slow like this one is. It will always be one of my favorites. Thanks for everything!
30  kasey posted on Apr 1, 2003 | DON'T HAVE ONE
29  Brittney posted on Mar 29, 2003
Hey you,
Just for shits and giggles could you plz spread the word out to anybody who would be interested in making a Buffy/Spike AU fic that resembles "Maid In Manhattan" where Spike is the rich and wealthy (anything but a senator:|) man and Buffy is the normal every day (anything but a maid) woman. Both in their 20's. None of them have kids. I would really appreciate it if you helped me with this cause I have really no one else I can turn to but you. Thank you, and if you dont it will be o.k.. Lots o' Luv!
28  lynn posted on Mar 21, 2003
Great fic - PLEASE write more soon - You have really captured the characters well. And I love how you are interweiving it with bits of real BTVS, but putting in your own plot as well. Very tallented - keep it up!
27  Brittney posted on Mar 20, 2003
You are a very good writer and I just wanted to say that you should have your very own website! If you do plz let me know so I can make it my HOMEPAGE and WORSHIP every bit of your work.:)
26  Buffybot posted on Mar 19, 2003
I just have to say how much I love your story. It is excellent! I'm not one for fics that have B/S jump right into bed with each other in the 1st or 2nd chapters(unless it's smut), I enjoy angst. I love all the internal monologues in Buffy's head. Please update soon, I can't handle the way it was left. More moments of Spuffy goodness, please!
25  Rocky posted on Mar 18, 2003
Which reminds me... have I told you all how much I love YOU? Truckloads of love for you, my dears! :D
Okay okay, I'll get back to writing now. ;)
Thanks for the feedback all!
24  learyl posted on Mar 16, 2003
love the spuffy interaction in this chapter. incredibly heartfelt and true. hope you update soon :)
23  Jen posted on Mar 16, 2003
What a great ending!! Please update soon!
22  twistedspike posted on Mar 16, 2003
WOW Rocky!!!!
I didn't think this story could get any better but you just proved me wrong with this chapter.
21  Brittney posted on Mar 16, 2003
WHY!!!!!!!!(sniff)WHY!!!!!!!!!!(sniff)WHY!!(la la la la la whining, whining, and some more whining) YOUR ARE EVIL!!! You better make the next one really DAMN GOOD. Like have them kiss passionately but then have dawn come downstairs and ruin the moment. But you have to make Spike say "God,I love you so much" and "Ive missed you" between kisses and shit like that. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do it like that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or something A HELL OF A LOT BETTER THAT IT MAKES YOUR HEART ACHE FOR MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANX,YOUR A GOD
20  SAB posted on Mar 16, 2003
Very evil cliff hanger. I like it. Please post more soon.

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