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5  Mierke posted on Mar 2, 2010
I loved this story. I love the idea and I love the language. Very amazing.
4  Meltha posted on Nov 27, 2006 |
Really great fic! Rich language, and poor Mr. C.D. Loved it!
3  Shadowscast posted on May 16, 2004
That was awesome. Here some things I particularly liked: 1) The narrative tone. I don't know any upper-class Argentinians, but the use of language sounded very authentic to me. It gave the whole story an exotic flavour. 2) The unreliable narrator. Nicely done. When Dru comes back to the box all flushed and warm, for instance, we know exactly what's happened even though it's clear Mr. CD doesn't. 3) The reasonable imagining of an Argentinian demon upper-class. The description of vampires as "wild." Let's face it, the Jossverse isn't totally consistent in its treatment of demons, so it's nice when an author makes it feel like it makes sense.
2  aino posted on Feb 7, 2004
That was cool because it was very much in the style of that whole narrative tradition coming out of the Latin American landscape. Very cool and mild and eloquent and a lovely way of describing Spike in the way of someone who really hates him for reasons completely unrelated to his general 'I'm so evil!' or 'I'm so sexy!' vibe. That is, the way he was regarded as a competitor for love. Nifty keen. Should have more reviews.
1  HurrySundown posted on Jan 16, 2003
Oh my. *Excellent* story. Mr. CD is a wonderful character -- the kind of guy you always hope to find, but never do. (sigh) And not a single false note in his narrative, just pitch perfect. I tend to be lukewarm on Spike/Dru (being a die-hard Spuffian), but the end of this story hit me like a sucker-punch. Geez, he really did love her that much once, didn't he? (again with the sighing) btw, been reading some of your other stories (so far, "Some Years Later" series -- hope to get to others soon), and highly recommend them.

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