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46  remuslives posted on Mar 14, 2012
that was fantastic! took a couple days to get through the whole thing, but i loved every minute of it. well except maybe for buffy being a complete bitch, but hey, fairly accurate, right. great fic!
45  Sarah posted on Dec 24, 2011
I've gotta say this is by far my favorite fan fic I have ever read. And Ive read a lot of them. Everything was so spot on and amazingly written. I look foreward to any sort of novel you might publish.
44  cherylynn holmes posted on Apr 17, 2011
I was very "chuffed"to read all of the reviews so far saying how terrific these chapters are. could not help but agree and yes much more believable and resolved AND easily visualized. great writing
43  wylde_babe posted on Dec 21, 2010
I have never liked fan fiction I always found it written badly and the story very broken and silly but you story is amazing, I read everything in a couple of hours and I have to say I wish Joss had took some leaves outta your book. Keep up the good work
42  Cia posted on Apr 18, 2010
Amazing story! Thank you for sharing it.
41  eskarina posted on Jan 11, 2009 | http://frunzaverde.wordpres"2009-07-15
40  Alell posted on Feb 12, 2008
That was fantasticówell characterized and deeply satisfying.
39  ShyBob posted on Dec 27, 2007 |
Buffy characterizations: good, great, great. Few people get to characterize the same protagonist three differnt ways in one story. I thought the work on the "current" Buffy was spot-on, and loved where you went with it.
38  spikegirl65 posted on Jul 17, 2007
I loved this story. It was so interesting to revisit Young Buffy and compare her to the monster she grew into -and the Evil Spike who in turn became souled. It was nice to see souled Spike grow braver and more independent & Modern Buffy grow kinder as the story progressed.
37  Squid posted on Apr 27, 2007
That was really good! Very creative. I have never seen a take on the demon inside Buffy like that. I really liked your take on the relationship and how you made Buffy realize she loved Spike. Keep up the great work.
36  diettakramer posted on Jul 22, 2006
I love time travel fics, and this is one of my faves. Buffy flirting with Spike in the past is so great, I laugh...that sounded weirder than it was supposed to.... Please, keep writing.
35  Gillie posted on May 14, 2006
I think this is possibly the best Spike/Buffy fic I have ever read. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
34  Ruth posted on May 11, 2006
Oh my GOD! fabulous, absolutely the most brilliant thing ever! More More !!
33  Hervor posted on Mar 24, 2006
It was so complete, like watching an actual episode. You nailed everything. Thank you.
32  Rhonda Collins posted on Mar 18, 2006 |
I loved the story. You did a fantastic job on the characterizations both in the past and present--and that was on all the characters, not just on Buffy and Spike. I would think that would be extremely difficult to do.

Thank you for a great read.
31  roseann posted on Feb 14, 2006
This was a great story! The characters were true to form, the story line interesting and unique. The characterization of S2 and S7 Buffy was believable. Makes me wish, once again, that I could write.
30  tine posted on Feb 4, 2006
wow! this was a good piece of fiction. i definetly loved it! greetz from germany :-)
29  Sulien posted on May 21, 2005
I just stayed up all night reading this and absolutely LOVED it!!!!! Why in bleedin' hell couldn't Joss have done right by Spike (and Buffy) at the end of the series? I SO prefer what you've written! Oh, and it was very well written too! *grins sheepishly*
28  Gina posted on Dec 3, 2004
Very creative story and fantastic writing. I like that you didn't rush the relationship, though you made it clear that both Buffy and Spike were straining to be together. You balanced the humor, romance and darkness so well and your supporting characters showed their very best selves - all were likeable and, in the end, supportive. I found the plot and characterization very believable, as well. Thanks for sharing!
27  Renee posted on Nov 10, 2004
Amazing!! I loved it!! Keepup the good work.
26  Aleri posted on Jul 16, 2004
That was a WOW story. You caught each of the characters both past and present perfectly. The plot was amazing in itself, and it was just the best story I remember reading in a really long time.
25  Shadowscast posted on May 23, 2004
Wow, this story was creative and thoroughly engrossing! The time-shifting concept was really neatly done; the contrast between S2 Buffy and S7 Buffy rang very true. It was kind of heartbreaking to watch the darkening of S2 Buffy's aura through the eyes of the friends who knew exactly what her future held, but meanwhile S7 Buffy's life got better and better. The life you leave her with seems like believable long-term happiness for her and Spike (if only that pesky First Evil had stayed away!) Thanks for the enjoyable read.
24  fir-tree posted on May 13, 2004
that was one astonishing piece of fic, couldn't take my eyes of it until the end. some possible plot points weren't exactly resolved in the best possible way (meaning not exctly whedonesque), but overall a great enjoyment. Thank You!
23  spike`s_girl posted on May 1, 2004
WOW that was just WOW relly great story
22  angie posted on Apr 22, 2004
That was the best story Ive read in a very long time!!
the charaters are so the way they should be!! usualy i dont read
spike/buffy fanfics but this... the best story ever!! i'm telling all
my fiends to read this story. I'm just sad I'm finish... Oh well I
could always read it again and again :) Usualy I dont leave
review but this one more then deverved it!!!
I give it a 11/10!!
21  Ash posted on Apr 21, 2004
loved Bike & Spiffy by the way & Giles catching them while- drunk? -so funny! i luv the difference between S2/S7 Spikes. its gr8 the way u did that & kept S2 Spike wiv Dru. b coz S7 Spike deserved Buffy & happiness afta wot he went thru 4 her. way 2 go... luv this fic. cya
20  Rain posted on Apr 16, 2004
Great story. I loved Bike and Spiffy! That was completely not what I would have expected.
19  val posted on Mar 28, 2004
Great story. I particularly liked the way shown the differences between S7/S2 Spikes.
There's a lot of stories out there that could be great, but put me off because they make Buffy go for S2 Spike while having in mind everything that S7 Spike have gone throught for her, so it was really something to finally see that someone see things my way. S2 Spike is Dru's and would never have went for Buffy.
Keep writing girl, I'm a Spuffy addict and you've been added to my list of authors to check in!
18  Samantha posted on Jan 25, 2004
I really loved this story and im not just saying that i never post reviews but i just thought this one was so good i had to WELL DONE
17  Kathleen Pfeiffer posted on Dec 4, 2003
I truly enjoyed this story. It was original and well plotted. I enjoyed the contrasts between the Buffy and Spike of the past and the current pair. Congratulations on a nice piece of have true talent. I look forward to reading more of your work. This one kept me up and reading until 5AM, fortunately I do not have to go to work in a few hours!

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