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10  Lady Tragic posted on Mar 23, 2009
Oh, this is one of my fave stories ever. I like Spike interacting with Dawn and Joyce even more than I like Spuffy.
9  Laura posted on May 22, 2007
Ahhh, it makes me so happy to re-read this story. It's on my list of top stories of all time, honestly. I laugh so hard every time I read it, Spike and Joyce inhabiting DeNile-land together, Spike laughing at Joyce while the reader laughs at him....
8  Annemarie posted on Mar 13, 2007
Very well done! A good character study
7  Annemarie posted on Mar 13, 2007
Very well done! A good character study
6  herself posted on Feb 20, 2004 |
I love this take the Spike / Joyce situation. Feels very true to his viewpoint.
5  a. r. evett posted on Oct 10, 2003
Right on the mark. Fast, smart and brash. I love the way you captured Spike's voice so well in the 3rd person. It works suprisingly well. And the Humor? ""Constant Comment''. He thinks the constant comment must be that it's bleeding awful. If a minion ever brought him a mug of tea that bad---and they sometimes did---he'd pour it over them, and then pound their heads in with the kettle." Bloody Brilliant. The contrast between the wussy herbal tea, and the swell of violence using the kettle is ever so delightful!
4  Amanda posted on Jan 30, 2003
Great story. You did a great job with the Spike and Joyce characters.
3  Nos posted on Jan 20, 2003 |
So very very cute. And so very in character. I adored it, like most well written Joyce fic. And it's sooo hard to find that. Excellant job.
2  petzipellepingo posted on Jan 11, 2003
You know, you're right. Joyce doesn't seem to have any friends besides that frightful Pat. The neighbors never come over either. Poor Joyce. Spike is right, she is in her own world. Good job!
1  Fleisch posted on Jan 9, 2003
This is a lovely little piece that makes me nostalgic for earlier seasons, and for Joyce. And it ends perfectly.

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