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10  Nita posted on Oct 5, 2012
Loved it. :)
9  lani posted on Apr 26, 2012
Sweet and sappy, almost cloying, but very enjoyable. Thanks!Thanks,
8  Sarah May posted on Jul 15, 2009
Fantastic. I love your Spara fics! This is an awesome one, sexy and sweet. Also love how pissed off Buffy gets =D
7  Becca posted on Nov 13, 2004
I love this story, it was so beautiful, the pairing so awesome, I love the way Buffy was totally written off and dissed and I love they way SPike and Tara are together. My other favorite part was when SPike tried to sell the red diamond and found out that it was literally millions and he could provide for Tara forever!!!!! Thanks for an awesome story!!!!!
6  Ronz posted on Oct 9, 2004
best story i've ever read
5  yhapster posted on Sep 6, 2004
I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed your piece. The earlier chapters struck me as a little too fairytale-but I was sucked in and agree that these two deserve everything you gace them!
4  Claudia posted on Mar 17, 2004 | none
Hi. I love your story. It is the most beautiful, passionate story I have ever read. I can honestly say it changed how I look at love. it changed how I look at life as a matter of fact. Thank you so much for writing it. I think you would be a fantastic novelist. I read this story a few months ago and then it was moved and I have been looking for it ever since so I could print it and read it again and again because it is so amazing. Thank you again for writing such a brilliant piece of beauty.

3  Sarah posted on Jun 12, 2003
I think we could have used a little more transition from Tara being a lesbian. There's not enough made of it. Dealing with that struggle can be made very sexy.
2  Louise posted on Mar 24, 2003
ahhhh i never thought it would work spike and tara and yet it did...loved it
1  jaime posted on Feb 14, 2003 | -
oh wow, this has got to be one of the best spike/tara fics i've read. very beautiful and well written. i totally see how they could work as a couple.

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