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6  GillO posted on Feb 17, 2006
Beautiful and very moving. This makes perfect sense and fits into that episode seamlessly. It makes Spike's words in "The Gift" ring even more true, too. ("You treat me like a man...") Here via an LJ rec, BTW
5  GL posted on Nov 5, 2004 |
I LUV this story! You are such a tatlented writter,pet. Keep it up!
4  spikeNdru posted on Oct 18, 2003
I read Any Small Thing and immediately went to your site and read Interlude from Tabula Rasa, Dreaming of Oceans and The Lighter Scene. I wanted to post a review, but I don't have the words. . .and this, from someone who calls herself a writer! Your work is evocative, atmospheric and draws one in and down into the emotions of the piece like one of those wishing wells for charity, placed in restaurants where the coin drops in circles in an ever tightening spiral until it is lost to view. You've got that indefinable "it".
3  Isabella posted on Mar 23, 2003
The writing in this story is exellent. It pulls you in, and is realistic enough, but I had this sense of incompletion when I finished. Like the ending sort of dropped me off the end of a cliff. Good job though, wonderful writing, thank you for sharing it.
2  Teresa posted on Jan 1, 2003
Loved this scenario. Great writing. Wish this converstaion had actually taken place! Thank you.
1  SAB posted on Dec 29, 2002
Another great story that fit well into cannon. I miss season 5. The season before Josh and Marti buggered it all up.

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