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5  Dezdemona posted on Jan 13, 2003
Excellent character voices, and a wonderful sense of time and place too. Lovely. Thank you!
4  Julie posted on Jan 2, 2003
I really enjoyed this story! Great characterizations of everyone, and especially of Spike. It gives my Spuffy heart something nice to think about. I look forward to mmore from you!
3  hesadevil posted on Jan 2, 2003
Beautifully written -
2  kaydeecee posted on Jan 2, 2003
What a great new year's present. Help us get over the long wait till the next new episode, but more than that, so weel handled--the Browning, and the Bell's of Saint Mary's--palying off that tiny hint about Giles' "halo" in Bring on the Night. And funny. Very neat and complete.
1  Lia posted on Jan 2, 2003
Ah, it was wonderful to see a new story from you. Beautiful. The ending was lovely- a hope for a new beginning for Spuffy. And promises of new chapters of Samaritan and Return has put a huge smile on my face! I am eagerly looking forward to reading more of those stories.

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