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10  cereza posted on Jun 27, 2006 |
I love it was... Touching. And complex, sick... Just like it was.
9  Epimethes posted on Jun 11, 2005
Amazing, beautiful, heartbreaking. A raw yet sympathetic expose of Aurelian bonds. Kudos!
8  GL posted on Jul 29, 2004 |
That was just great! No words can describe it!
7  spuffy4evr posted on Nov 8, 2003
I don't read much angst fics. It's not that I don't like them, it's just that, well, small quantites are better, ya know? This fic, well, I really enjoyed Games We Pay, but I couldn't tear my eyes off of this one. It made me cry at the end.
6  Belle posted on Oct 19, 2003
5  Michèle posted on Mar 16, 2003
Beautiful story, very touching. I loved it very much. Keep on writing, please!
4  Xana posted on Feb 1, 2003 |
Sofia, you know exactly what I think about this story and the whole series :) The whole fic is really amazing...

Highlighting the flashbacks to the scenes with Angelus... They made my head spin :) You really have to write that smut :)

This is the bigger story you have so far and it gets into us, once you start you can't stop till you reach the end.

And that ending was amazing. I'm not into b/s, you know, but her reaction to his telling was exactly what I thought she would do. :)

I think this is your best fic so far. I love the last two, but this one touches our hearts in a way the others can't. A mix between darkness and love, falling and getting back up.

Keep the good work :) I'm you biggest fan! You owe me lots of autographs when we meet :)
3  samson posted on Jan 7, 2003
beautiful story, really enjoyed.
2  Taen posted on Dec 29, 2002
1  Estepheia posted on Dec 27, 2002 |
Very touching.

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