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59  twilightchild posted on Jun 14, 2009
The story definitely kept me glued the entire way through, and it's wonderfully refreshing to see them both using their brains when around one another for once. The only complaint I have is that they both seem to cum too easily.
58  skybound posted on Dec 15, 2004 |
Oh, wow. This was just wonderful! Funny and endearing, sad and charming, not too mention sweet and hot :-) I'd just love to see the rest of this someday. But regardless, I'm just happy to have the mental image of Xander finding out that way implabted into my brain! Great work.
57  Heather posted on Aug 20, 2004
Will there never be an update? Please let there be an update. This is very, very well written.
56  ruthie posted on May 27, 2004
just finished chapter one--don't usually review so soon, but I had to stop and say wonderful wonderful work. Blending the reality of sexual immediacy and mind machinations and emotional revelry. By reading some of the other reviews I see it isn't finished yet. Nooooo. Well finish if you can, if not, I'm sure it is a natural resting place. Look forward to reading what you have.
55  Surfergirl posted on Jan 30, 2004 |
I just came back to reread the story. I still think it should be finished! It's great!
54  Andrea posted on Jan 27, 2004 | ----
please tell me this storyisn't ovet, not yey, is very very good, i'm having a great time reading it. please keep it up.
53  Kari Mouke posted on Oct 6, 2003
Tabula Obscura is a lovely fiction, beautifully written. You have an attention to detail that is awe inspiring. Thank you for the great read. Ooh, and update!
52  ginmar posted on Sep 10, 2003
Guys, there's a preview of the new chapter here:
It's about a third of the new chapter.
51  Coquine posted on Aug 21, 2003
this is the second time i've read this story, and it's still just as good as the first time...glad to see you're working on the next chapter, the suspense is killin' me!
50  Mar ala posted on Jul 25, 2003 | Http
Wow that was so good,Cant wait to see how you deal with the Zan Man.Give more please!!!!!!This story Rocks! Mar ala
49  ginmar posted on Jul 15, 2003
I'm working on the last chapter right now.
48  gaeliclassie posted on May 21, 2003
I agree with the others have to have more of this story. You cannot let it end now there is so much you can do with this please continue. PLEASE!!!!!
47  strawberrykait posted on May 19, 2003
Now, you haven't given up on this/us, have you?? Still *impatiently* waiting for this wonderful story you're creating! KEEP IT UP, PLEASE!!! ^_^
46  Dezdemona posted on May 10, 2003
I LOVE this story. Really enjoy the conversations between Spike and Buffy, and I can't wait to see how you're going to deal with Xander's reaction. Willow is giving me the creepies a little. ALL good! Hope your muse is kind and speedy. :)
45  WilliamsLove posted on May 4, 2003
MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -please?- :)
44  Amanda posted on May 4, 2003
What a wonderful chapter! The last part with Buffy and Spike talking is probably my favorite part of this chapter. Looking forward to more of this... and Buffy and Spike dealing with Xander.
43  len posted on May 2, 2003
wow. you rock and stuff.
42  Jill posted on May 2, 2003
So good! Want more!
41  Sylvia posted on May 1, 2003
This is really lovely. I love Buffy''s thought patterns; how she''s trying to work out what she feels for Spike and how you''re weaving Season 6 events into your story. You are doing a beautiful job. Thank you.
40  Julia posted on May 1, 2003
I love you so much! This is sexy and sweet, and I love your Buffy. It''s refreshing to read such a great Buffy after suffering through season 7. Plese update soon!
39  Linda posted on May 1, 2003
I''m really enjoying this fic. The last chapter was great. Can''t wait for the next!
38  Dark Rhiannon posted on May 1, 2003
There are too many lines in this that I love to list them all, but this one: "Buffy and Spike stood frozen, Buffy with her hands still pressed aginst his stomach. Still life with vampire, she thought," really got me. You''ve combined confusion, passion, empathy, sadness, joy and pain with such feeling and skill, I just have to reread this over and over again. Yum! Excellent job.
37  Kat posted on Apr 18, 2003
I read Affinity a while back and LOVED it... I used to go on (back when they allowed NC-17 fics) hoping for your updates... And now I''m reading this... You are a fantastic writer, keep it up... --Here endeth the ass kissing--

Quick question, how come you don''t update your website anymore?
36  Vixen posted on Apr 12, 2003
Continue please?!?! I love this story! It's great!
35  Zyrya posted on Apr 11, 2003
More! Please please, more!
34  klytaimnestra posted on Apr 7, 2003
This was amazing - exactly, exactly what desire is really like. Brilliant. So hard to capture.
33  ginmar posted on Apr 4, 2003
Working on it right now, guys. It's just very, very long.
32  Roby posted on Apr 4, 2003
... Yes, please, say you're updating soon... I *adore* this story!
31  kait posted on Apr 3, 2003
TELL ME you're frantically typing away as I write this on the following chapters --yes, I said 'chapterS' -- because this teasing is 'tearing me a part' ::gleefully cringing:: kait
30  Gabrielle posted on Mar 13, 2003
Finally someone who truly knows how to write Buffy & Spike fanfiction with good sex included. And thank you so much for not having him cry during sex, cause I find that to be oh so annoying. Please continue with the updates.

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