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9  slyn posted on Jun 24, 2009
A thing of beauty...I felt it...and now I remain here haunted. I am a complete angst whore so you really fulfilled me with this one. Nothing better than a good season 7 souled Spike fic.
8  Katie posted on Feb 25, 2007
I didn't really like it. Then again, I hated the 7th season and all the souled-spike fanfic it brought with it.
7  Jalexa posted on Jul 9, 2005 |
Wow- okay, here's my facts. Usually, I don't like Spuffy, I like my big bad and/or any kind of evil Spike. I have a thing for the post-soul insanity, though, it's just so sweet and heartbreaking and beautiful, and this story is the best I have found for that. It makes me appreciate the Spuffy which, let me tell you- RARE! But I love it and I love you and I love the story! Love!! Keep on truckin' with the good writing, girl!
6  Meg posted on Nov 25, 2003
This is one of my favorite stories here. Keep writing--you have a gift I wish i could have. Thanks for this story!
5  finickyfeline2 posted on Dec 2, 2002
Oh my GOD, this was beautiful! I could picture all the angsty images. This should be SMG's exit from the show.
4  dark rhiannon posted on Nov 27, 2002
Wow! Loved it, Annie. Please continue and get us through the holiday rerun season intact!!!

3  Ms. Friskie posted on Nov 26, 2002
I think you broke my brain. Why do you always make me cry? Can't you give them a happy ending at least once? *Sigh* I'm only half kidding. I love you and all your works. More please!
2  Viola posted on Nov 25, 2002
When *haven't* you made me cry? God, your stories are amazing - and you just whipped this one out? Color me many kinds of impressed...
1  Nos posted on Nov 25, 2002 |
Christ woman, you know how to make it hurt. Loved it. Beautiful, and oh so deliciously angsty.

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