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4  Suzy posted on Nov 27, 2006
i LOVE it! ur a fantastic writer. i absolutely hate the idea of spike and buffy being together and when buffy beat him up like that i completely hated her. i REALLY wish that spike would have actually done this. he definitely should have left her for good. shes sickening.
3  PixenVixen posted on Mar 20, 2003
No, no thread breakage, please! Hate the thought of Spike ever giving up on Spuffy. Eeep!
2  Raina posted on Mar 18, 2003
Oh..painful. Not painful to read obviously-more of an empathy for poor Spike. Wonderfully written, and it leaves me hoping for more.....
1  Saggit posted on Mar 18, 2003
"Spike has an epiphany." And it's well presented, using a good analogy to make its point. I like the story, though I think the author's longer works give better scope to her talents. This is the kind of short-short that leaves me wondering as the realization would ripple through the activities and thoughts of the Sunnydale crew.

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