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4  Lynn posted on Aug 21, 2009 |
I love how you said Spike is different - more 'gentle' and 'tentative', and more uncertain in his actions. And I'm so glad you said they were making love for the first time, unlike a lot of fanfic which goes on about how Spike and Buffy getting it on feels like old times. Imo it shouldn't at all!! Spike's a changed man, not the same stalker and underwear thief he was.

And also- LOVE the part where you say he takes out the trash for the old lady. That imagery made me laugh for a bit because it's just adorable (:
3  Babe posted on Jan 10, 2003
It was touching. I loved it. I had to read it again so I didn't missed out on anything.
2  Diva posted on Nov 19, 2002
That was excellent! I especially liked the way Spike reacted to seeing Buffy again.
1  Trisha posted on Nov 18, 2002 |
This was a great read. I especially like the setting. I've never been to Boston but now I want to go, minus vamps on the subway, LOL. I like the way you weaved in the back story, very well done. And I love poor Spike. Your characterizations are strong.

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