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3  Diva Stardust posted on Sep 20, 2003
Very good! I loved the idea of Spike and Xander holding each other in bed just for the solace, the comfort. I really liked this paragraph a lot too:

"Gotta admit, he's still Action Vamp. Makes me think things like "good old days" and "when I was your age." Makes me remember when I was pretty happy, and not trying so hard, except I've always tried too hard. I think that's the definition of a geek, action figure sold separately."
2  Estepheia posted on Feb 7, 2003
Wonderful in its economy. Kudos!
1  Mona posted on Nov 10, 2002
Wow. Great. Fabulous mood. Nice idea exploring all those S/X undercurrents on giving us a credible insight into those two boys' loneliness. Keep writing!

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