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15  slyn posted on Jul 14, 2009
It would have been have been like this had Spike survived. You captured the heart of season 7 in a snowglobe of Spike and Buffy. If they had no evil to stop, this could have been their next phase. I think Joss would approve. Beautifully written.
14  GreatDju posted on Feb 1, 2007
Thanks you for this touching fic. You really have a special way to write. I enjoy all your stories, please write more!
13  Tasha posted on May 21, 2005
That was nice, I think it was better then the original, but I liked them both.
12  Licia Phoenix posted on Aug 14, 2004
I love the way you write. It's so natural and flowing, not like other crap spuffy stories. Thank you.
11  cousinjean posted on Sep 13, 2003
This was just lovely, and really how it could have gone if not for the craziness and the being controlled by the First. You really captured their bond. I loved this. Thank you.
10  Azrielle posted on Jun 5, 2003
WoW What a beautifuly writen story. This is the Buffy and Spike Joss should have written about. It brought tears to my eyes. I loved this story. Please think of a way to continue it. Maybe a future fic? I need to have more to this story.
9  Laeryna posted on Apr 26, 2003
Beautifully intense and emotional exploration of the connection between Spike and Buffy. You really brought the potential of this connection to life with a depth of emotion and insight that really touched my heart.
8  Natalie posted on Feb 20, 2003
God this was quite amazing, you realy find the depth to the charatcers. Both parts had me so engrossed I lost track of the time. Beautiful, if only this would really happen in the show
7  Emma posted on Jan 26, 2003
Wow. good story, great writing. The kind of amazing fic that makes you get a little lost, so you feel slightly dizzy when it's over.
6  klytaimnestra posted on Dec 8, 2002
I wish it had turned out to be this easy!
5  aoife posted on Nov 6, 2002
If only -- lovely story
4  Chris posted on Oct 30, 2002
Oh indeed...Just exactly like this. I hope there's still more in the pipeline?
3  writteninstars posted on Oct 30, 2002
Again w/ the love and admiration for your story. Your vision of what Buffy and Spike could be together makes me very happy :-)
2  dutchbuffy2305 posted on Oct 30, 2002
Yes! Please make it so! (both parts). And very poetically and beautifully written!
1  witchiepoo posted on Oct 30, 2002
Absolutely perfect. Loved it. Loved it. This story (both parts) brought a tear to my eye. This is the way I hope things turn out on the show. Spike and Buffy working their way towards each other. Relearning each other. Starting anew, and better. Thank you for reinforcing my belief.

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