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9  Rabbit-moon posted on Jan 30, 2014
What a great story from Dawn's viewpoint! You totally captured her teenage disgust with Spuffy's in-your-face amorous escapades; not only gross, but annoying. So funny!
8  remuslives posted on Mar 25, 2012
lol, poor dawn. that was great though, lots of fun.
7  Mrs X posted on Oct 30, 2010
Very nice story. I liked it very much.
6  Diva Stardust posted on Sep 20, 2003
I've always thought this was one of the funniest titles I've ever seen. Great to see Dawn's POV on their relationship and especially liked how poor Dawn had become "decrushed".
5  Nikki posted on Jul 4, 2003
Ah, that was great, great, great!! I remember being Dawn's age and sometimes I wish I could be that age forever. So innocent. When dreams are really made out of stars. I loved this. Thanks for writing it!!
4  OneTwoMany posted on Apr 4, 2003 |
Hee. What a sweet, funny story. You captured Dawn well and made me laugh. Well done!
3  abbylee posted on Nov 17, 2002 |
Wonderful Dawn voice. Sweet little look into the annoyances of almost adulthood.
2  Gabby posted on Nov 11, 2002
Very funny. As someone who has an older sister I can say that the mental imagery occompanied by the sounds of sex can scare a child for life.
1  wascal posted on Oct 28, 2002
Cute...very cute. I can totally see where Dawn's coming from!

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