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19  Lani posted on May 12, 2012
Good story so far, would love to see you finish!
18  sheila posted on Jan 11, 2005
What a shame that you seem to have abandoned what is a very promising and intriguing story.Could you please direct your obvious talents to satisfying our curiosity at where it might go next, or perhaps put us out of our misery and say "no more!"
17  Kris posted on Oct 19, 2004
I'd love to read the rest of the story. It reads so smooth and just takes you along for the ride. Very believeable progression.
16  Carole posted on Aug 22, 2004
"Perdition Catch My Soul is a fantastic, pleasing, and well-written story. I look forward to more chapters. Ranks you in the top Spike/Xander writers, along with such people as Mad Poetess and Entrenous.
15  nebarah posted on Aug 1, 2004
This story was nice, and I'm hoping you're still writing on it...?
14  Admantius posted on Jun 24, 2004 |
I'm really liking this story. You need to continue! Use that writing talent of yours! Good luck and post again soon. ;D
13  Shadowscast posted on Apr 27, 2004
Oh my, I hope you'll have the time/motivation to continue this at some point. I'm loving this version of S7 - you make me look at it all a bit differently. Oh, and I've now fallen in love with Spike/Xander. (Is there a club I could join? A mailing list? A support group, maybe?)
12  Belle posted on Jan 29, 2004 |
I've said it before and I'll say it again. Finish this please!
11  MikkTorrent posted on Jan 18, 2004
ahhhh so good....can you do no wrong? please please please finish!
10  Belle posted on Oct 19, 2003
You must, must finish this! So good.
9  kayla posted on Sep 1, 2003
Waiting anxiously for this incredibley well-written story to continue!! Love it, please more soon!
8  Laura posted on Aug 27, 2003 |
Katta - you can get email updates for any work in progress on this site. Just scroll to the bottom of a story page and enter your email address where it says "To receive an alert when this story is updated, please enter your email address." You'll get an email alert whenever the story is updated.
7  Katta posted on Aug 27, 2003 |
I certainly didn't expect to get this hooked on a long Spike/Xander WIP, but I am, thoroughly and completely. The characterisation is fabulous, the unfolding of events highly intriguing (and heartbreaking), the prose charming... Is there any update list I can subscribe to or something like that?
6  ceec posted on Feb 4, 2003
Very promising, can't wait for the next chapters to unfold. I especially appreciate that you're letting the characters react to circumstances naturally and with all their personal flaws in evidence, rather than creating contrived circustances that force the characters to instantly fall in love/bed, etc. It's a harder way to tell a story, but much more involving to read. So thank you.

Spike's voice really sounds right, and Xander's inner voice seems like it fits him too.

You've jumped through a lot of episodes' events rather quickly. I'd welcome the opportunity to get a more in-depth view of Xander's perspective WRT some of the more emotional issues of S7, especially those involving Anya, Willow, and Spike. For example, you did a nice job of depicting the impact on Xander's realization that he's been the lastest thing that Anya clung to. More like that please. :-) What does it do to Xander to see Willow hurting and realize that his careless words re-opened that would, or to believe that Spike is apparently killing again, or to accept that his relationship with Anya really is over? Etc. I'm sure you have your own ideas. It'd be a pleasure to see what you do with 'em.
5  Angie posted on Jan 18, 2003
hey great fic !!!
please keep writing 'cause it's just too good! I can't wait to read the next part !!!
4  Monanotlisa posted on Nov 17, 2002 | alas, none
Hi Estepheia--
wow, the second S/X work of fiction that really hooked now, all my fervent denials of slash don't ring very true any more. After wiseacress's Modus Vivendi, this is another fic I am just drawn into.
Great Xander voice, splendid Spike characterisation: I have always thought it a blatant abuse of our favourite vamp to have him fall in love or even develop a crush on Xander in an instant, even with the vampires-shag-anything argument. & ;-)
But you are doing a great job of showing the less positive attitude Spike would have to have in this case while skillfully conveying his loneliness and confusion, therefore making it possible for Spike to accept Xander on the grounds of some real bond of sympathy and friendship forged out of genuine empathy and the laudable decision to actively CARE on Xander's part.
Thanks, and keep writing!
3  Brandi posted on Nov 5, 2002
Hi, just wanted to let you know I loved this fic so much I checked out your website. I read LTAS in one sitting and I loved it too.
Can't wait for updates on both of these stories.
When I have some time I'm going to read the rest of your work.
Great stuff!
2  blondegirl posted on Nov 4, 2002
hi, me again- can you tell me when you are going to update, so i don`t need to log in every hour and check for the next chapter or updating emails-thanks, blondegirl
1  blondegirl posted on Nov 4, 2002
hi! great fic- can`t wait to read the next chapter!

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