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11  Avalon (spain) posted on Oct 16, 2006
What an amazing story, great character portraits, and a gripping story. I loved it nearly as much as I love Spike ;)
10  Lycel posted on Oct 11, 2006
Please update!!
Pretty puullleaaaase!
9  Lycel posted on Nov 13, 2005
I absolutely love this story and have been checking every three months or so on the off chance that it has been updated for ages!! I refuse to give up hope. Have to know what happens. I love your Spike and I love Buffy in this. Please, please (on my knees and begging for scraps) puhleaaze update!!
8  Samantha posted on Aug 11, 2004
this is wonderful. Dying to read the end. Thanks.
7  Summer posted on Jun 22, 2004
I love your story its the best one i have read on this site and really love to see it finished.
6  Niamh posted on May 13, 2004
I'd love to see the end of this -- this was one of the first Buffy/Spike fanfics that I ever read, and I really really enjoyed it. And I'm still waiting for a conclusion *gentle nudge*. Please finish this.
5  Shanna posted on Mar 7, 2004
i would love for this story to be completed...I hope that you will find time to update it...
4  aleksa posted on Dec 29, 2003
great story. and please continue soon. i love it.
i need an update.
3  cori posted on Jul 15, 2003
What an absolutely fabulous story! Do hurry with an update!!!!
2  kamla posted on Mar 6, 2003
what a great story. i hate cliffhangers!!! i cant wait to see how you tie it all up.
1  Dawn posted on Jan 28, 2003
Awesome! I can't wait to see how it ends, I've been enthralled by your story for the past hour, I'm dying for more.

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