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21  Rabbit-moon posted on Apr 19, 2014
Wow! This was unbelieveably powerful stuff! I absolutely loved it! You made me love Xander again, and you gave Buffy exactly what she needed to get: tossed off her self-righteous pedestal-of-denial about her abusive actions towards Spike. She was not an innocent in the train wreck that was Buffy and Spike's relationship. Great missing scene! I wish Joss had been strong enough to write it.
20  Adhara1 posted on Nov 26, 2007
Normally I'm all for Spike/Buffy, but it sure is nice to see Buffy having to answer up to her actions for once. Excellent job of keeping Xander in character throughout.
19  lovitar65 posted on Sep 17, 2007
This story is beautiful. The way that Buffy treated Spike during their relationship actually gave me nightmares, and this scene as done by Joss did nothing to help, but then again the other Scoobies weren't much better. They remained blind to what was happening and never even asked questions when he showed at the wedding with a face full of bruises. No one cared enough to want to know. The relationship was domestic violence at its worst laden with every kind of violence by Buffy against Spike, including sexual violence and just like in the real world, people simply choose not to see. Instead the assumption is the victim somehow deserved what they got. This story needed to happen in the Buffy Verse - bring light to the fact that domestic violence is WRONG no matter is it is a female perpetrator and no matter ones status in life.Instead we watch more "real life" - a person trying to change and getting his legs kicked out from under him every time he tries to get up. It would have been great to see someone notice, have mercy and actually help. Joss failed us miserably on this one.
18  Jessi posted on Sep 21, 2005
Awesome! Words can't describe! This is perfect, could not be any better! Made me actually consider liking Xander again. This is exactly what Buffy needed to hear. She deserves to have to face up to what she's done to Spike. Would love to see a sequel.
17  nokia posted on Jan 28, 2005
i wish this had actually been a scene in *beneath you* it made like xander again.i really disliked him in season six.i thought he treated anya dreadfully, and spike too after buffy was back. actually the only people i did like then were spike, anya and tara, and look what happened to them !! great fic. thanks.
16  Barbara posted on Jan 26, 2005
Xander's voice = perfect.
I so love the idea. Wish it could have been, but Joss' Xander could never had said those things.
If only Xander had that sort of insight.
Ah well, that's what we have fanfic for.
Loved it.
15  Anna posted on Jan 1, 2005
The problem is that Joss never gave Xander a chance to express himself like the other characters. Xander is always misunderstood, you have to read a fanfic to understand his character. Joss was absolutly unfair to Xander.
14  MikkTorrent posted on Jan 18, 2004
way to go with the stabbing of buffy in the heart! you have made xander my hero, thank you so much!
13  jm-17 posted on Oct 2, 2003
great story - yes this should have been the part we all missed from the season - Xander finally seeing the relationship of B/S for what it was.
really well-written and I actually liked Xander again!
12  Demeter posted on Sep 28, 2003
Well done! I would really have liked to see that... Too bad it was never revealed what happened to Spike right after Beneath You ended - another missed opportunity to explore the characters and maybe redeem one of the Scoobies!
In your story, I enjoyed both that Xander finally was seeing the light and how he confronted Buffy with her irresponsible, egocentric behavior.
11  Leda422 posted on Nov 22, 2002
I DEMAND a sequel. Loved it- brisk, smart.
10  Jones the Rocket-Cat posted on Nov 11, 2002 | none
Quote from Anessa Ramsey:

"Xander has become my least favorite character on the show, where in the beginning I really liked him."

Amen to that! I mean, for the love of Joss, he's whiny, complaining, and all of his funny lines have 'magically' transferred themselves to Dawn. Courtesy of the Great Dude himself, Joss. Most of them at least. Reading 'One for Sorrow' at gives you a fictional but very accurate summary of Xander's character lately (also it's a great story anyway, so go read it! ;) ). But I digress. I couldn't believe Joss *left out* what is possibly one of the most powerful scenes we will see all season!! I was SO p*ssed off when they hardly mentioned it in the next episode, and I think this is a cool way to have finished it :) More power to you!
9  Anessa Ramsey posted on Nov 11, 2002
Xander has become my least favorite character on the show, where in the beginning I really liked him. He's become so judmental it's hard for me to tolerate his scenes anymore. I've incorporated this into my writing by killing him off in a story. But every once in a while a story comes along that makes me respect him in a way that I haven't in quite a while. This is one of them. It was nice to see him tell Buffy that she was in the wrong. Excellent work.
8  DittoSpikette posted on Oct 22, 2002 |
Really good. Ditto xxoo
7  susanj posted on Oct 20, 2002
Yes. Dead on. I agree completely with the other reviews, and would also like to see you explore this AU where Xander harks back to his pre-season 6 insightful and caring self. I'm also an X/S shipper (was a B/S shipper until she pulped him in the alley - kind of lost it then.) Too many authors are agonizing over what's going on in Buffy's head right now - trying desperately to rationalize her actions. Like the man said: "love ain't brains, children". I need something a little simpler, sweeter, kinder - and Buffy isn't it.
6  erin posted on Oct 19, 2002
This is more like it!
This story was(is?)great and I would love to read more in the same vein.
Buffy is (written to be) so self righteous. I would love to read a decent story where she suddenly has to take a long hard look at what she's become, and suffers a revelation at her feelings for Spike.
5  spikeschick posted on Oct 19, 2002
Well it's about time someone tells the righteous bitch!!!Kudos Kimi!
4  Jane posted on Oct 17, 2002
This story was so full of insight and truthfulness about the actions and feelings of Buffy toward Spike. Since I am also a S/X fan, please continue!
3  ptp posted on Oct 17, 2002 |
I loved this story, even though I had to put myself into an AU-mindset. An AU where Xander is interesting and insightful, unlike the quip-challenged, judgemental jerk he's become on the show. My problem not yours. Great story.
2  Tamara posted on Oct 12, 2002 | none
I love the scene that you wrote especially since we were deprived of a continuation by the writers.The fact that you had Buffy's fellow self-righteous judgemental hypocrite(Xander) be the one to tell her off is priceless.Have you considered writing a continuation of 7.3.It showed that Dawn was the more mature one in that she actually looked for another solution besides Willow.After all Willow had reason to skin Warren, but not some random kid.A suggestion fo a story that has been going around in my mind is that someone wish that Buffy and Xander will be forced to be truthful to themselves and possible the other Scoobies.
1  Geri posted on Oct 11, 2002
I would pay REAL money to see that onscreen.

First of all, it would return Xander to the "heart", and second of all, it would give Buffy what she truly deserves.

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