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10  Europanya posted on Mar 8, 2005
Hey Annie! It's Terma99, aka Europanya now. I'm so late to this party, but I recently got the DVDs for Buffy S6 and 7 which I missed most of back in the day having a kid. But now I'm writing Spike fic and finding some old names in these archives. Happy to see you're still writing. This piece was bittersweet and perfect. So good to read you again. --Sharon
9  Mer posted on Mar 7, 2005
I love this! I so wish this had happened in canon, it would have felt more like growth for both of them.
8  MikkTorrent posted on Jan 23, 2004
[hug] i love this story, it is amazing. please write more.
7  Dee posted on Jul 8, 2003
oh wow... i wish this one would go on! can we have a part two?
6  Andrea posted on Jun 15, 2003
I wish you had been writing BtVS all along. I'm glad to have read a story that truly acknowledges that there are no quick fixes. Even when an epiphany is "real" enough to create genuine change, it's not enough unless you also put in a lot of hard work and commit to that for the long haul.
5  Rice posted on Nov 22, 2002
That was some beautiful parallels. Looking at Buffy's revelation at the end of s6 as a "quick fix" took me completely by surprise and staggered me with its truth.
4  Julie posted on Oct 21, 2002
Thank you, Annie - you summed up how I've been feeling about Buffy after Beneath You and STSP, and you've given me some hope. I hope you'll write more in this vein.
3  VioletSpike posted on Oct 17, 2002
Oh god. I am sitting her at work reading this fic with tears in my eyes.
Annie, you went stright to my heart with this one.

Violet In Chicagoland
Burning Baby Fish and Angst's Bitch
2  Agiel posted on Oct 16, 2002
How I wish that you were writing the show. Wonderful story. Hope to read more. :-)
1  Marin posted on Oct 14, 2002
Simply amazing. Can we hope for the same after each new episode? Please???

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