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28  Messy posted on Jun 12, 2011
This story was so great! I am sad that there's not more, but I think it did end in a good place -- even if that was accidental. All of the important things happened. Buffy and Spike figured it out, he proved his salt and so did she. The scoobies all got over and even Giles is willing to give him a break. The only think left is sorting out Xander, but we can all guess at that.

So, dear writer, I thank you. I hope you are still seeing these reviews, and I hope you are still writing. I would buy all of your books!
27  Kat DeVries posted on Jan 2, 2010
This is the best Buffy/Spike story Ive ever read. It's actually quiet tragic that you've abandoned it, but the quality makes up for ir.
26  sabrina posted on May 21, 2006
Just to let everyone know -- the author abandoned this WIP sometime in the middle of BtVS S6. She was (as I was) disgusted with the direction of the actual show's story at that time and thus felt she couldn't finish this fic. It's a shame, because as with several other B/S fics, this story is far better and more satisfying than anything we ended up seeing on the show.
25  Laura posted on May 8, 2006 |
Just a note that reviews still work and will continue to do so, and review notifications are sent to authors who have requested them.
24  Coquine posted on May 8, 2006
Since All About Spike is no longer active, I hope you'll still receive this review. Whenever I'm bored and online looking for good Spuffy fics, I always check out the main page of this site for their 5 random stories from the archive, and this one happened to appear. Not sure why I haven't read this one before, but once I got to the last chapter and saw that it was a WIP I cried for a few minutes and tried to find this story completed on another site. Googling it and you brought me only what I assume are your Harry Potter fics, or someone with your exact same penname. Regardless, I was hoping I could find out if you ever did finish this story, and if so, would you ever post it somewhere. It would be awesome if you did. I'm pretty sure you'd make a lot of people extremely happy to see the end of such an amazing piece of fanfiction.
23  Ms Trick posted on Nov 7, 2004
this is probably one of the most well-rounded and intellectual fanfictions i've ever read. you've got an incredible plot and references to literature and history i bet many other fanfic writers have never even heard of.

for the record, i really like you and i love your writing. don't stop.

amazing write!

22  GL posted on Jul 15, 2004 |
WOW!! So sad yet so joyful and amazing! There are no words to describe it! I loved how you made it so Spike had a huge chance! If you write more I will keep reading!
21  gwendolenau posted on Apr 24, 2004
I guess this is going to remain a permanent WIP and this makes me sad. You write such great character voices and humour and a good plot too! I loved Willow and Tara bonding over deciphering 'Xandepierre''s utterances; I loved how you brought Buffy and Spike together and their choices in the other dimension. So sad we'll never know how you planned to resolve everything.
20  Zanthine posted on Nov 11, 2003
I just discovered this story; it's gorgeous and thought provoking. I hope you'll finish it someday! You can't just leave poor Xander possessed by Robspierre! And while that's obviously one of the most amusing ideas I've stumbled across in fan faction to date I seek closure on his behalf!
19  Ducky posted on Sep 19, 2003
LOVE this story! please please update soon!! :))
18  alyssa posted on Jun 27, 2003
BRILLIANCE!!! i liked the reference to "Dover Beach", i love that poem. i love reading fics with literary references; i feel so smart if i recognize them. if theres one thing i respect above all else its intelligence. and if theres another its literary prowress. you managed to make buffy fall in love without turning her all sappy and otherwise screwing with her personality. oh, and i liked the french, ive taken three years of it and it was nice to know i could put it to some use (although a lot of what you said was beyond me). i just cant get over how creative you were. i loved your description of the in-between place beyond the Tollbooth, it sounded like something from a Garth Nix novel.
17  Maxameliana posted on May 20, 2003
This story confirms my belief that BTVS fans are incredibly intelligent and well-read people who know a good thing when they find it. What an amazing story. Thank you so much for writing this!
16  Snidge posted on Dec 12, 2002 |
Wow, that's great! Speaking as someone who's usually not overly fond of long fan fics (I tend to get bored after a few pages and give up), that was great, please, please, if you can, finish it! The way you capture the characters is wonderful!
15  becky posted on Nov 29, 2002
Yay! Cool story! Keep writing! Um, I think I've said it all already!
14  Miss B posted on Nov 7, 2002
Oh no, you mean I just got hooked on a story that might not be updated in forever!?! Like I don't have enough of those right now? Please, this is a great story, don't give up on it. I love the poems you used, they fit perfectly with who Spike is. This is an intelligent and unique story, I can't wait to see what you come up with next.
13  Julie posted on Oct 30, 2002
I just read the whole piece from beginning to this latest chapter, and am anxiously waiting for your next chapter. I really loved the part where Spike sent Buffy back through the Tollbooth, knowing that he wouldn't get back himself. Now THAT is true love!!

Keep writing!
12  samson posted on Oct 27, 2002
really loved the part where buffy had a go at giles for leaving her and the scoobies! brilliant story and really well written!! looking forward to more.
11  samson posted on Oct 27, 2002
really loved the part where buffy had a go at giles for leaving her and the scoobies! brilliant story and really well written!! looking forward to more.
10  Viola posted on Oct 21, 2002
Yay! Great work - keep it coming!
9  Susan posted on Oct 20, 2002
Like everybody else, I was so glad to see it here and to have a new chapter too.

Its a great story, and kept me awake way late re-reading it.

Thank you
8  Ali posted on Oct 19, 2002
I am soooo giddy right now! When i saw that there was an update on this story, i could not believe that it was true. I double-taked at least 4 times. But there it was! And i just devoured it.

Wonderful chapter. I loved the conversation between Spike and Giles. I liked how thye kept the snarkiness at a minimum but it was always there, right below the surface. And i really liked Spike's reply to Giles about how he never expected to come back to find Spike a hero and Spike replied that his shirt smells like baby powder. Small, great touch.

I am so glad that you have updated this fic(if you haven't noticed). YOu write the characters with such a strong hand and voice and i greatly missed this. I hope you will continue soon and as you can see, we will all be waiting.
7  tygress posted on Oct 19, 2002
Wow. I'm really quite thick-skulled. I didn't realize that the new chapter was here. Until just about ten minutes ago, after which I started shaking from excitement. Really not joking here. Anyhow, this chapter was magnificent, as they all were. Your Giles is delicious, and very easy to respect. I love how he dealt with Spike. So again, thank you so much for continuing with this. I am so grateful, and I'll surely be waiting for more.
6  Witchiepoo posted on Oct 19, 2002
Thank you for this new chapter. I love this story. Have loved it from the very beginning. I'm so glad you came out of retirement or your break to finish this up. You crafted a terrific story. Can't wait to see how this all ends up. Thanks again!
5  tygress posted on Oct 17, 2002
Hmmph. Will this ever be continued? I wuv you, ColdCoffeeEyes25, but damn. I NEED the next chapter.

Are you going to finish it? Pretty please...I've been waiting since February...
4  Chase posted on Oct 16, 2002
A woo and a great big hoo that this is being continued at last. I absolutely adore your fierce, heroic, utterly dedicated Spike, your strong-but-sensitive Buffy, and the roller coaster plot twists that continually keep us guessing. ME could take a lesson from you. Hope to Hades you're continuing this SOON.
3  Viola posted on Oct 16, 2002
Woah, I was so caught up I actually yelped out loud when I saw that ominous phrase 'Coming Soon"!! Great story, please finish. I truly believe that if any of them gave him half a chance, helped instead of insulted and taunted, things could have been so much better.
2  dutchbuffy2305 posted on Oct 16, 2002
I love this; i like you version far better than ME's. Please finish this!
1  Ali posted on Oct 16, 2002
I was surprised that this fic was added to this site, considerng i heard that you were not going to finish it. Have you changed your mind? Please, tell me you have! I lovet his fic andwas so disappointed to learn it was abandoned.

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