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3  Ayune posted on Jul 12, 2004
Brilliant, stunning, lovely. Congratulations, you've made me cry. And your English Football Hooligans dialog - superb.

I love your use of music- and, on a random note, as you seem to love musical irony and whatnot, as I got to the last chapter, my radio began to play *Bye Bye Baby* by the Bay City Rollers... then California Dreaming by the Mommas and the Papas. OI.

Continuing with the compliments- your character voices are rich and individual and strong. I love the bond that survives all kinds of betrayal that you've build here. Additionally, you made me want to punch Xander repeatedly in the face. Thanks for that.

Thanks for this work. It's kept me up late, but it was worth it.

2  BelleImani posted on Jan 20, 2004 |
Absolutely one of the most excellent stories I've read in some time. Well written, excellent voices. Lovely.
1  cori posted on Aug 1, 2003
This was an excellent story. I enjoyed the different points of view throughout. Only thing, the ending kind of seemed to hang. She dealt with G/W/S but what of Xander, Oz and Anya?

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