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44  Sharon Farrell posted on Jan 21, 2014
What a great story! I couldn't get enough of it. Thank you for sharing.
43  nmcil posted on May 9, 2011 | www.buffytube.ning
don't know if the writers check reviews anymore but just want to say how very much I enjoyed reading this piece again. It's one of the best time-travel Spuffy stories that I have read.
So glad that this site is still online - It was one of the sites that I visited when I first started reading FF all those years ago and it is still one of my favorite places to read.
42  Devon posted on May 1, 2007 |
That was just lovely. Thank you. Why oh why couldn't the show have happened so beautifully? I can't wait to read more of your fiction...
41  fyreburned posted on Apr 21, 2007
Great fic & attention to Victorian details. Good representation of society & etiquette, as well as language/speech & wording. I was searching for some Victorian era/or crossover/timetravel Spike/&-or William & Buffy fics, and this one truly fit the bill! I enjoyed it immensely and was glued to it til I finished the final word. I was glad at the end that Spike was accepted, as well as Buffy being a much better adjusted woman in this fic, and accepting and open to Spike. And the Great Poof was almost tolerable in this as well! All in all, a gteat fic and totally enjoyed!

40  Avalon (spain) posted on Oct 31, 2006
Great story, had lots of fun reading it!!
39  Kasha posted on Mar 7, 2006
Excellent. It reads effortlesly. I especially like your attention to historical details( see Dev's comment). How did they wash? How eat? Weren't those shoes kiling them after a few hours? What about the hmm..toalets? Really like it. Thanks. Katarzyna
38  butterfly posted on Sep 17, 2005
This took me something like two weeks to read in my free time and i loved it. This is an absolutely amazing fic and i thank you very very much for writing it. Good job!
37  Dev posted on Jul 14, 2005
First thing I have to say is good job with the historical fiction. It bothers me when fanfic writers write about William and Victorian London and they completely ignore society rules and proper manners/dress back then. You brilliantly incorporated these into your story and, as a historian, I say, well done.

Also, I just loved this fiction. You did an excellent job and it's time well spent reading it.
36  buffys2cool posted on Sep 9, 2004
Wow! What a fantastic story! I read this story in a span of three days. Good thing I didn't have to wait for the updates. Unfortunately, I didn't get much else done in those three days, oh well. Anyway, just wanted to say that you guys really did a great job. I especially loved how you managed to include all of the characters and have it not seem forced like other stories I've read. I also liked how you tied in an alternate storyline for the Warren, Jonathan, and Andrew characters. Keep writing!
35  Nos posted on May 27, 2004 |
Alright, I finally got the time to read this. And I enjoyed it very very much. I tend to shy away from time travel fic; I never seem to enjoy them. Perhaps because in most cases fanfic William annoys me. Yours never did. Also? You made me care about your original characters. A feat. Well, I suck at reviews, but all I can say is excellant job, you kept me occupied for two days straight, and I am sorry for not reading before this. Thank you very much for writing it.
34  Kel77 posted on May 4, 2004
Great story, loved all the cliff-hangers at the end of the chapters, esp. the one where Spike gets de-chipped. Very cool ending too.
33  Spiked420 posted on Feb 2, 2004
I stumbled onto to this story a few days ago and I must say that it is utterly brilliant. In a perfect story world... this is how it would have turned out. Sadly Buffy never grew up enough to realize that a man can change no matter the circumstances in his life. Spike will always be my most favorite fictional character and I applaud you for doing a dead on potrayl of him. I look forward to hopefully reading more of your work one day. Thank you.
32  casey posted on Jun 10, 2003
Beautiful story, incredible writing! I wish Spike and Buffy could have been this way on the show, if only Buffy had actually learned from her mistakes and grown up just a bit... But anyway, I loved this.
31  yvonne posted on May 31, 2003
What a great story - I really liked everyone in the story (even Angel, not a small feat) Maeve was a wonderful new character. If you are in the writing mood, wouldn't mind a story or two about "Maeve - The Vampire Slayer" and her band of friends! But most of all, loved the way William was more than a bookish dolt, and that Spike finds a place in the gang.
Many thanks for a job well done. I consider myself lucky that I just recently came across your story - I am sure that I would not have been able to wait for each update. It was hard enough to leave the computer for life-stuff like work!
30  Trina posted on May 31, 2003
Hi... What a thrilling tale this has been. You should both be very satisfied with a job well done. The obvious work and detail show a lot of 'heart' and 'sweat' went into this. Thank you both so much!

I must comment on two things: I loved the interaction and heartache of, 'Buffy' & 'William.' (The alley scene was just plain heart-wrenching.) I also admired the way you wrapped the loose-ends-up with the letters. Simply perfection. Please keep 'em coming. :-)
29  Jen posted on May 30, 2003
This has been a fantastic story. I've been reading it for what seems like forever but it's been worth every minute!
28  shannon posted on May 29, 2003
I loved this story and have followed it from thr beginning. I'm not the best at giving feedback, but i wanted you guys to know how much i have enjoyed your work. Thanks for giving Buffy and Spike a happy ending. Here's to Angel next fall and Spike's resurrection. Please keep writing even though the show has ended. Shannon
27  Sabrina posted on May 29, 2003 |
I really enjoyed this story! It's been one of my favourite time-travel fics that I've read. And I love the epilogue. The perfect ending to a lovely tale.

Great work!
26  Opulence posted on May 29, 2003
Thank you, both. I'm only through 29, but I wanted to say how much I appreciated your making Xander a hero, considering how his character has been virtually forgotten this past season. Your Anya voice is dead-on, as well. I'm loving Spike, too, of course!
25  angstchic posted on May 29, 2003
I really enjoyed the fic. I am so glad it got completed, as it was very entertaining.
24  rashaka posted on May 28, 2003
The epilogue will hav ethe smut, right?

::chuckle:: It's ok if it doesn't. This Scooby-fest chapter had me charmed.

This whole fic has had me charmed. I'm sad to see it end.
23  Lia posted on May 28, 2003
A lovely ending! It is sad to say goodbye to this tale. You did a wonderful job answering this challenge and all the characters really came to life in this tale. Excellent job. I eagerly look forward to the epilogue
22  jj posted on May 18, 2003
wonderful! more please!
21  jen posted on Apr 25, 2003
Simply wonderful. The storyline melds together perfectly, and I had a great time reading about William. Thank you! ^_^
20  Sylvia posted on Apr 18, 2003
Just wanted to add my comments to the group :) It is a wonderful story - thank you so much.
19  jcvampireslayer posted on Apr 14, 2003
i love this story so much. its one of my favorites. dont keep me waiting any longer and update. lol. Much Luff~Julie
18  margaux posted on Mar 27, 2003
I like the way you write and your imagination. I look forward to read more!!
17  Lesly posted on Mar 26, 2003
Great story! Please update soon! I can't wait to see what happens. Update!!!
16  imandra posted on Mar 25, 2003
can u just post your next chapter? please! i so want to now what happens next
15  jules posted on Mar 8, 2003
god, i was so awaiting this next chapter. i do hope you keep going. your on a roll. good luck and hurry hurry hurry

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