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46  Palabra posted on May 7, 2012
I quite enjoyed this little tale. I agreed with D'Hoffryn that they talked too much during the party, though. I wanted to see more bloodshed. :-) Did Buffy even get to slay anything?

I think your strengths were in the sub-plots and in the humor. I enjoyed the sub-plot in which the Trio kidnapped Hallie. I *really* enjoyed the plague of nerd/toads and the image of the resulting naked nerd sprint. I also found the several demon-human mixers at Chez Summers rather amusing. Honestly, you could cut out all of the love stuff and *still* have a fun story!
45  Fenrir posted on Mar 12, 2012
I really liked this story. It was aninteresting take on the events of season six, was surprisingly funny, and very much enjoyable. I'd love to see a sequel.
44  Cia posted on Apr 18, 2010
great story! well written, and true to the characters.
43  Michelle posted on Mar 24, 2009
Haha I'm excited. Can't wait to keep reading.
Not all smutty fanfic.
42  puce posted on Jan 9, 2009
started reading at 1PM, could'nt stop until 1 AM!
Damn' good and quite true to the original characters. But boy, you really don't like angel!
I just love the idea of Lorne helping up with sunnydale mess! What a nice way to take drama away. And he soooo sound's like is regular self!
and, oh, by the way, some pretty amazing sex scenes! ;-)
41  Scott posted on Dec 4, 2008
I liked the story until the ending it was practically Buffy/Angel and Spike not caring at all. Sure there was only 1 kiss(not really) but still A/B everything in the last few chapters screamed it. I won't be reading it again but it was good.
40  Shannon posted on Jan 21, 2008 |
Absolutely loved the story. I really appreciated that you tried to keep the characters *in* character. I was especially struck by one line in part 42: "Normal? Here? This is normal? Being human in Sunnydale is like being....a virgin in a whorehouse. Rare and not likely to stay in that condition." What a great, humorous description of the Sunnydale demographic.

Other commenters have noted on some errors with spelling, quotation marks, etc. Remember, when there is a dialogue, every time the speaker changes, you must start a new paragraph. Otherwise, it's possible for the reader to become confused on who is speaking.

One particular spelling issue was with Cecily's name. The first few times it was used, when Spike first acknowledged that he recognized her, it was spelled "Cicely".

Otherwise, fabulous fic. Thanks for putting in all the effort and for posting it for shameless spuffy addicts like myself. Take care!
39  Shinigami posted on Nov 28, 2007
I really liked the story content, but, I really think you should look into getting a grammar beta reader. You have a lot of mis-use of punctuation, especially in the dialogues.

For example: unspoken discourse shouldn't be in quotations, if you choose to use stylistic license, it would be nice to have it differentiated from standard dialogue somehow, such as using single quotations or italics. Commas and periods go inside the quotations marks; which is just inconsistent, sometimes they're right, other times not. You have a lot of open quotations with no closing quotation marks, or vice versa which is made even harder by the fact that, and this could be the formatting of the website, but you have closing quotation marks and the beginning of quotes, and opening marks at the end of quotes: “Not for him. Crap. “ “You

Also, when separate people are speaking, each person should have their own line, not the whole exchange clumped into one paragraph. Here, three people are speaking, Buffy, Willow, and Buffy's brain
Ex: “Do you have to work again tonight?” “No. Have to patrol.” “In Spike’s crypt. No. Absolutely not. Bad. Very bad Buffy. It was only twice, there’s still time to call it a bad habit…”

I know I sound nit-picky but there are just so many of them that they're distracting from the overall greatness of the story. I start getting into the story and then I get a whole cluster of problems and I'm knocked out of the story. I am trying to give constructive criticism.

38  Tripleransom posted on Jan 22, 2007
Well, I said I was going to read it again and I did. I loved (again) the way you built on the characters from the series. I'm not sure I believe that Angel or Xander would have been so open to change as all that. Buffy, Spike and the others--I think you nailed 'em for sure.
37  Mrs X posted on Nov 24, 2006
I don't usually like these fairly romantic Spuffy-stories, but yours is great.
36  Theresa posted on Nov 7, 2006
Hi, I have been surfing for Buffy/Spike fic because I have been having major withdrawels from the show, and well, I just love to live vicareously (sp?) through them. It gives me a happy. lol.

Such a great story! Really good, well done, pefect language. Made me laugh and cry. I read it in 2 days, loosing sleep and negleting school work and well actually work work. ha.

I tried to visit your website, but apparently its not up anymore. I hope you are able to read this. I hope that maybe you can let me know if you have written more! Where did everyone go??? All these sites havent been updated in forever. :*(
35  katie posted on Apr 5, 2006
i loved this story, but i just wish that at the end that you had Buffy say 'i love you' to Spike!!
34  Katerfelto posted on Feb 10, 2006
Lovely series. In re part 19: an old-fashioned mixture of opium and alcohol would be laudanum, not absinthe. The latter is a high-proof preparation of alcohol flavored with various bitter herbs.
33  clarapotpot posted on Oct 16, 2005 |
first long fanfic that I read fully. Amazing insights about their relationships, by the way. Fantastic insights about love.

There's a prediction that I'm going to be addicted to this author...
32  Courtney posted on Oct 15, 2005
I never thought i would be able to read a 45 chapter fic but i absolutely loved this one...and it has the best know they're going to be ok together
31  kim jackson posted on Sep 8, 2005
I just wanted to add one thing... I think what made your story so special was that it was true to the charecters and the issues that were brought up in the series.... you only expanded on what was already there .... not adding other attributes to the charecters, but dealing with the actual charecters themselves. Great job again....
30  kim jackson posted on Sep 8, 2005
I just wanted to let you know how very much I enjoyed your story. I have read so much over the past two days, my eyes hurt, but it was well worth it. The way you laid the story out, and they way you broke down the charecters and the issues they had was brillant. I laughed alot, I cried some, and I couldn't wait to read the next chapter. I was sad when it was over though... I hope you will consider a sequel to this one... I would love to see buffy tell spike someday that she does love him, and for him to accept and know it is true. Please keep writing, you have a true gift.... thanks for some wonderful hours of reading!!
29  Anne Barr posted on Jul 19, 2005 |
I really enjoyed your very sophisticated men/women perspective, so humourous and deep. You must have lived through a few to get there!
thank you
Anne Barr
28  Anne Barr posted on Jul 19, 2005 |
I really enjoyed your very sophisticated men/women perspective, so humourous and deep. You must have lived through a few to get there!
thank you
Anne Barr
27  Tasha posted on May 20, 2005
Awesome story. It totally ruled. I'm kinda sad its over, I mean I started reading it & just couldn't stop & then I was finished, its sad.
26  Jennifer posted on Jan 6, 2005
What a great story! I stayed up until I finished it, it was so good! I think I'm starting to come over to the Spuffy side of things!
25  Gina posted on Dec 5, 2004
I think some of your reviewers prefer angsty spuffy fics. I, however, appreciate a nice shot of "happily ever after" romance once in a while. You had some distracting and confusing bits of dialogue between more than two people where it was difficult to figure out who was talking and a few misspellings and incorrect word usage, but nothing was bad enough to make the story unreadable. I like that you made almost everyone ultimately likeable, despite their flaws and the hurts they visited upon others. I've always like D'Hoffran and would have enjoyed seeing him more on-screen but your story was a nice compensation. I hope you plan to continue the story through the resolution of the "SuperNerds" offenses and that you allow Jonathan and Andrew redemption - they're only misguided misfits with low self-esteem, after all. (Warren deserves anything you can throw at him, though.)
24  Renee posted on Sep 23, 2004 |
Good story, though i think the ending kinda isn't as good as the rest of the story, the idea is great, though the first half is alot better then the second.
23  shanyce posted on Sep 17, 2004
22  poo posted on Sep 17, 2004
long nice
21  triss posted on Aug 7, 2004
That was wicked cool!!!!I want more!Spike is real spike-y and buffy...well, she's a bitch.But I just loved this fic.
20  nixa-midnight posted on Jul 31, 2004
best buffy/spike story ive read!!! have any more stories?
19  GL posted on Jun 6, 2004 |
Wow! Thank you for the last week of reading this story! I just had to finish it! What a great story. You are a very talented writer. I could not stop reading this story even if I wanted to. The fact is this, the story captures everything-everybody who likes Spike and Buffy as a couple would want, and how Buffy would deal with it. It could very well be a book. I know if it was I would buy it! I hope you will continue to write stuff just like this. Again I thank you.
18  Sll Da Witch posted on May 26, 2004
You are an amazing writer, I could not stop reading this story until I was completly finished! You have captured the characters so perfectly I could hear their voices in my head as I was reading through the chapters. I can't wait to read the rest of your stories, finished or not I'll wait patiently til each one is complete!!!!!
17  Erin posted on Apr 11, 2004
that was good,,, long but good,,, i thalt the ending was cute but it should have ended with Buffy saying those 3 words that she is so despretly trying to avoyd saying.

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