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23  Marie-Pier posted on Mar 19, 2007
Wow! This fic was a true masterpiece I totally loved it. I wished It would have been longer :P
22  Kaija posted on Dec 16, 2006
EEEK. YOU HAVE TO UPDATE THIS. LOVELOVELOVE. I've never seen this pairing done so perfect. I love how she's a little off kilter and needs spike to protect her. He's such a sucker for a woman that needs him. Cheers. I hope you update soon.
21  Wrenn posted on Mar 22, 2006
More Please
20  Crys posted on Aug 29, 2005
*jaw drops* WoW. Truly masterful. I can't imagine what kind of thought train you've got with Fred knowing how to raise the dead. Loving the hidden history and the scandals. Great work.
19  Piper posted on Jan 15, 2005
Wonderful story, truly amazing and you've kept in character the entire time, brilliant. Please update soon.
18  Caz posted on Dec 8, 2004
I don't know when you updated this last but I honestly hope you finish it.... can't leave us hangin' like that. :)
17  artemisia posted on Nov 5, 2004
Any updates in the works? Please? Really enjoying it so far.
16  Rons posted on Sep 15, 2004
please please please pppplllleeeaseee *begging on my knees* finish the story! i want to see what happens it's so good! you're an amazing writer! please update soon
15  Hieiko posted on May 14, 2004
Great story! I love Spike and Fred. Hope you update soon!
14  Temika posted on Mar 10, 2004
Excellent. Please update soon. I look forward to reading more.
13  Elendae posted on Feb 1, 2004 |
I love this story! I had been looking for a decent length Spike and Fred fic for so long! This is really great, and i can't wait for the next chapter.
12  Valerie posted on Dec 10, 2003
I am so totally loving this story! I love the way Fred and Spike are. I finally can stop the frantic looking for F/S fic.
11  Cat posted on Nov 27, 2003 |
I'm totally hooked! So cool to run into another talented writer and that it's Spike/fred, which I've been desperately looking for but seems to be lacking . lol. Please write more very very soon. I think I want your fic when it's done at my fan fic archive. I don't have any spike/fred fic, but have had one layout of them and am doing another.

10  Mel posted on Nov 17, 2003
I lurve it! Write more soon! please.
9  summer posted on Nov 9, 2003
YOu are very talented! Please write more soon, there are so few fred and spike stories out there!
8  Sister Cuervo posted on Nov 8, 2003
Yay for Frillies! Excellent job. I really enjoy what you're doing with this story. As a Spuffyite, I didn't think I'd ever be interested in another 'ship, but this is so fun, scary & best of all sexy. Love it.
7  Kit posted on Oct 24, 2003
You should write for the show Angel! You are an observant and devoted fan: your dialogue and characterizations are dead-on. I have never been a "shipper" for any of the characters, but have fallen in love with the idea of Spike/Fred. I feel like a teenager with her first crush! Thanks for this great story.
6  jodyorjen posted on Sep 15, 2003 |
Amy and other readers-

Yes, there will be an update. I'm working on the conclusion to this story as we speak, and my beta stands at the ready. So, soon.
5  amy posted on Sep 15, 2003
eeep! You mademe squeal a few times reading this. The further I read the more I like Spike/Fred. And I'm sucked into your plot now, too, so please please tell us that there will eventually be an update!
4  alyssa posted on Aug 13, 2003 |
dont stop whatever you do! this is adorable! i laughed so hard at the thought of Spike doing karaoke. please please continue this!
3  babe posted on Jul 24, 2003
never read a s/f before, but i like it.glad to see t/w in there as well[ wish tara hadn't ben killed on the show, i really didn't like kennedy at all]please write more soon.
2  Sarah Michels posted on Mar 18, 2003
PLEASE and more to youre story please it is te best story in this catagory
1  carolyne posted on Oct 26, 2002
loving the story so far, the pairing is brilliant and i can't wait for lots more.

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