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15  Miss Murchison posted on Nov 5, 2005 |
I just came upon this little gem. I was loving it and wondering, but when I got to the end I just melted. A perfect surprise.
14  Kristen posted on Nov 17, 2004
Awww! How sweet!! *sniffle* I always enjoyed the Spike/Joyce relationship. :)
13  aerialla posted on Jul 25, 2004
I loved this story. I have always been a huge fan of the Joyce and Spike relationship and you made it wonderful.
12  Myst posted on Apr 6, 2004
This was just a wonderful story. So sweet and kind. It brought a little tear to my sappy old heart. Thanks M
11  hesadevil posted on Jan 30, 2004
Thank you, this was just lovely.
10  Leonela posted on Dec 13, 2003
wow.....completly caught me off guard...bloody brilliant ....
9  Xander to Your Spike posted on Dec 9, 2003
So I'm like never with the crying but yeah. So Joyce. And what mother wouldn't come back from beyond the grave to thank some who protected her kids if they could.
8  Demeter posted on Sep 28, 2003
I agree with the others - I was glad to finally see someone just being nice to Spike and appreciating what he's done. Wish we had seen more of Joyce and Spike together...
7  Diva Stardust posted on Sep 19, 2003
Aw, I love any fics where someone is taking care of/comforting Spike. Oh, and I must admit I was quite evil and skipped to the end first to find out who the mystery person was.
6  frella posted on Aug 2, 2003
oo i thought it was willow. lol that was sweet
5  Julie posted on Jul 3, 2003
Ohh... That was just too sweet for words. It was beautiful. I thought all the way it was Dawn. This was great. Joyce would've done that. Great job!!
4  Atterb posted on Jun 27, 2003
At first I was wondering why this fic wasn't listed as a Spike/Buffy fic, but now I know why! Nice, cute fic.
3  Ku' posted on Nov 9, 2002
That was so sweet!

I totally had no idea who it was until the end and then it made perfect sense. It's exactly what should have happened if anything in the Buffiverse was fair.
2  VioletSpike posted on Nov 7, 2002
This made me cry. Mostly because Spike will never get that kind of comfort or care on the show. They will just shove him in a closet.

Thanks for posting this story.
1  Dora posted on Oct 30, 2002
I really didn't guess! But actually the voice is very Joyce. It's just what should have happened - I love the steak...

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