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5  lovitar65 posted on Sep 17, 2007
This was beautifully written. Captured well the tiny glimpses of the love of early Spike that were often overshadowed by the evil deeds he carried out.
4  Sue posted on Mar 28, 2005
Wow! That was a really great story. Thank you for treating Spike with such dignity and care. You made him still be evil, but also showed his heart. I only wish ME cared enough about its fans and characters to treat them the way that you have in this story. I hope that you will write more. Spike could have taken that as his cue to go off and get his soul without the need for the despised AR in Seeing Red. I look forward to reading your other stories. You write well and your spelling and grammar are correct. You have all the things love about good fan fic and none of the things hat annoy. Thanks again for putting this story together with such love and talent.
3  Monte Cristo posted on Jul 16, 2004
I really liked that fic cuz it showed that vampires are evil by nature but it's not their choice. I think it's about time someone saw vampires not as mindless killers but people with a heart. Even if it doesn't beat any more. Thanx for writing such an awesome fic and I really hope you continue it.
2  spatch posted on Apr 25, 2004
Your stories are amazing. I love every single one and this one is no exception. It was heart wrenching and I could just see it played out in my mind as I was reading it. I wish this had been a Buffy episode - it would've been much better than some that did air.
1  Bailunrui posted on Jan 9, 2003 |
That story was beautifully constructed, vividly heartbreaking, and all around fantastic. You completely captured the characters and the audience's hearts. Thank you for writing this.

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