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12  Karen posted on Jan 3, 2010
I really like this little fic. I think you got their characterizations right, which is very important. It's not often these two get a scene together, so that's another reason why I enjoyed this. Great job!
11  tracey posted on Dec 19, 2007
just finished rewatching the series for the nth time, and thought i'd take a look at fic sites i hadn't checked out before. and this was gorgeous. chilled me, it was so well done. thanks!
10  Lena posted on Jun 6, 2004
Thank you for writing. Tara seemed very realistic in this one and I liked the parallels she brought up.
9  Ray Harley posted on Oct 4, 2003
A truly disturbing read, and brilliant for it. Tara and Spike are my favourite characters and it was great to see a fic like this. If only there were more (sigh).
8  babe posted on Jul 24, 2003
loved this fic. i hated the way everyone kept mentioning what happened in the bathroom,which although not good, was in my opinion,no worse that what happened in the alley,and while buffy got support any sympathy, spike got none.very unfair that,so i'm glad to find a story where he finds a bit of tlc.
7  Kari posted on Jul 8, 2003
Oooooh, I LOVED this fanfic!!! Tara and Spike are my two favorite characters, and seeing them interacting like this was sooo awesome. I always thought they'd make great friends. It was AWESOME though. I loved everything about it, and it would have been the PERFECT ending.
6  KristenLuvsSpike posted on Jun 18, 2003 |
Oh, that was so wonderful. I needed this scene after Dead Things aired. Thank you, that episode was great, but the way ME left poor Spike just rubbed me the wrong way. Grea job, Thanks.
5  debbicles posted on Jun 17, 2003
Just adding my voice to the praise of your story. This would have been lovely to see, so thank you for writing it. I loved Tara and this would have made so much sense.
4  moia posted on Jun 16, 2003
Oh Where were you when I needed this? I so wish that this would have been the story ME wanted to tell. It makes me sad that they never chose to show how strong and smart Tara was and what a good and wise friend she could have been for Buffy and Spike.
3  Claudia posted on Dec 2, 2002
That was beautiful. I wish that Tara had helped Spike after the beating, he was so hurt, both physically and emotionally. People keep harping on what happened in the bathroom later, but I think what Buffy did to Spike was every bit as bad, perhaps worse.

I'm so glad that you gave him this moment with Tara, someone who could be tender and gentle with him.

Wonderful story, many thanks for sharing!
2  The BookWorm posted on Nov 17, 2002 |
I love fics of this nature. Dead Things is truly one of the most emotional episodes of season six. I would like to have seen more work on the psychological abuse Spike recieved than the physical, because I believe it hurt them both more in the end. And why doesn't anyone write a fic where Xander finds a beaten Spike. I can imagine that scenario would end in even worse psychological trauma than Tara finding him ever would. Tara was such a nice person.
1  spikesevilsoul666 posted on Nov 17, 2002
Really liked the story. I was kind of glad to see Tara being friendly with Spike. He needs it and I like the witch. Good work, pet.

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