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5  Nawayonki posted on Mar 12, 2009
Men, this is what I've missed a lot so far! This not always strong Buffy in fanfictions. When a perfectly compiled erotic scene is not forced to go along till the end and it has an excellent base not to... (I mean in the sense of a logically built plot, not those awful memories, you know)
The idea of the need for Spike to prove he really has a soul would be really obvious after all... How did Buffy know that it wan't a brilliantly planned trap?
Anyway, this story really would make sense in the show...
4  louise39 posted on May 14, 2008
Heartbreakingly real Buffy.
3  Hannah posted on Apr 14, 2008
I like that she's not magically okay after Seeing Red. Great writing!
2  solardip posted on Jan 20, 2003
oh, that was beautiful.
1  Nora posted on Dec 3, 2002
Oh my! You certainly took the wind out of the sails suddenly. Very well written, albeit somewhat frustrating...

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