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5  MaySmith posted on Jun 13, 2009 |
Amazing story.
4  diettakramer posted on Jul 22, 2006
This was a really good story. I am a big mythology fan, and to read Spike and Buffy playing Orpheus and Eurydice was just great. Please, keep writing.
3  kelly posted on Jun 24, 2006
I reli liked this fic. Im a fan of mythology n when i was the orpheus n eurdice i was like YAY!! lol i was corssing my fingers that spike actually completed his task unlike orpheus lol cuz he can get a lil impatient lol. this fic was a reli good read THX!
2  kait posted on Mar 31, 2003
This was fabulous! I was almost afraid to read it, thinking it would follow too closely to the original myth, but I was happily mistaken!
1  Aurora posted on Feb 18, 2003
Great little story. Part of me wishes it had happened like that. I especialy liked the fact that Spike and Angel were getting along for once. Yes characters can grow! Keep it up.

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