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26  Lani posted on Jun 3, 2014
OMG, the tears. I'm sitting in a pedicure chair in a nail salon with tears running down my face. Gorgeous. But that's all? That's all we get? We don't get to see their reunion? We don't get to see Spike heal? Won't he continue to decline without her? Arrrrrgggh!
25  Nicolina posted on Aug 3, 2010
You have no idea how deeply your series have affected me. How much more (I didn't think that would be possible) I've fallen in love with Spike and the pairing with Willow. I've liked
The ship with Buffy as well, but I've never been able to get out of my mind when he kidnapped her and when he came to her dorm room.
You wove in so skillfully your stories with the real events that you made it completely believable that this took place in the midst of the Buffy series. The depth of your writing the skill with which you deepened both Spike's and Willow's characters are just amazing. You write very emotionally and you've made me writhe with pain and guilty excitement and joy and fear. It's been a wonderful ride over the course of the last few days and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving us fans this. I really hope you'll get this review and maybe that you're still writing because I'd love to read more from you.
Love, Nic.
24  Lady Tragic posted on Mar 26, 2009
Oh, I wish there were more. But since this went up 6 years ago, I guess there won't be. I desperately want their reunion though, so if it ever gets written... Well, we'd all love it.
23  Kat Sennel posted on Jun 28, 2008
Wow. I mean, just, wow. I feel like your story wasn't a story. Like it was actually real. And it touched me because Willow was me in so many ways and Spike, well, I knew him, too. It was just such a wonderfully, beautifully written story, and I want to say thank you for letting me see it. I hope I get to read more of your writing some time. Like if you ever write a book. Great job. (I tried to think of another way to describe how awesome of a job you did, but it was all painfully inadequate so I stuck to the preschool cliche.)
22  lovitar65 posted on Sep 25, 2007
You made me cry :(. This story really got to the meat of what makes both characters tick. I only wish Spike had felt deserving of her love so they could both have experienced a bit of happiness. Wish he could have at east moved out of the Mole Hole.
21  selina posted on Nov 5, 2006
that was...beautiful...but...why did he have to leave!?*cries*
please, please continue the story! that was the best willow/spike series ever!
20  dhan posted on Sep 29, 2005 |
Bloody hell!!

*Takes a deep breath*

The ending made me choke up so much I couldn't breathe. In a good, emotional overwhelming kind of way.

Nyeah! I want more! I wanna know what happens next!!!

I hope you have a sequel planned for the near future. Prettypleasewithacherryontop. =(
19  MikkTorrent posted on Jul 18, 2005
[sob!!!] My God woman, that was brillient! I demand more! please. pretty please.
18  anon posted on Apr 5, 2005
Mwaaaaaaaaaaw! That's it? More, More, MORE!!
Fabulous series!
17  Sue posted on Apr 1, 2005
I'm not usually a S/W fan, but I really enjoyed this series and you made them mesh really well. Your writing is terrific and I would enjoy more of anything you would write in this series or any other. Thanks for the beautiful story. I cried at the end.
16  buffys2cool posted on Jul 13, 2004
EXCELLANT STORY! I actually cried, especially when I realized the series was over. I'd love to see this story continue, but I'm having my doubts that will ever happen, especially after reading the reviews and seeing that they started over a year ago. Anyways, well done.
15  Shadowscast posted on May 31, 2004
I love this series to bits. I never realized before you showed me how many profound similarities there are between Willow and Spike. I'm so sad for them at the end of this; I wish they could be together. You capture both of their characters beautifully.
14  Laura posted on May 16, 2004
Oh wow, this is just so amazingly good and angsty, so true to the emotional states of Spike and Willow at the time. Love the ending, just the right amount of bittersweet, the sadness that they don't have a happy ending, but just enough hope, and open ended enough for a sequel if you ever wanted to do one. Excellent
13  Amy posted on May 9, 2004
brillent but i would love a sequel, u have managed to end it perfectly but also leave the reader with that little bit of hope that there wil be more *hint hint* please write a sequel.
12  babee gurl posted on Mar 1, 2004
i totally fell in love with geak the girl series, and the diary was the perfect finish. i dunno how to explain how reading the end mademe was beautiful, ur an awesome author.
11  77 posted on Feb 14, 2004
I sort of came into this story in the middle and then went back and read the beginning. And its reallygood but has the feeling of an unfinished arc. So, um, you are going to write more, right? Because it would be nice to know what happened next.

I re-read the last two parts after reading the first parts for the first time. Which is rare, because I almost never read a fic more than once. You're very good and I hope there's more of this, and sooner rather than later.
10  angelica posted on Feb 2, 2004
9  Tonya posted on Feb 2, 2004
I read this fic a long time ago and fell deeply in love with it, it is my favorite s/w fic so far
Will there Be more to this? or are u going to end it like that?
8  angela posted on Jan 22, 2004
This was a great story i loved it!!
yet i wish you'd make another entry on how spike comes back and what he and willow do...
7  mel posted on Jan 18, 2004
this is so beautiful. you've managed to make me cry. there are few who can capture spike's voice like you can. i adore your work. absolutely amazing.
6  Cookie posted on Jan 13, 2004
I'm sitting here crying like some stupid dumb girl. I loved this fanfic. You get right to the heart of everything I believe and love about Spike. I can't say enough about it. I'm gonna think about it and then come back and gush some more.


Oh, please, please, please keep writing it.
5  sherry ross posted on Jun 14, 2003
I just came to this site and the first story i read was this was great!!!! i love the way you wrote this story and hope for a sequel someday........!!!!!!
4  reckless posted on Apr 23, 2003
Wow! I think I converted to the W/S ship. I love it. Very very believable and amazingly sweet. I love the scene by the woods and the beach. You definitely need to write a sequel!!!
3  lucerna posted on Apr 14, 2003
This is my one and only W/S fic on my list, and I keep coming back to it. You captured both the characters amazingly...but PLEASE PLEASE write more! I keep coming back and hoping there's more but there isn't *sigh* We need MORE!
2  yhapster posted on Mar 3, 2003
Bloody brilliant, perfect storytelling. I agree with Alastor completely we really do need more!

1  Alastor posted on Jan 31, 2003
Probably the best W/S story I've ever read. The whole series is truly amazing and this story is the pinnacle of goodness. There's only one flaw though, there should be a sequel to this so that Spike and Willow can have their proper and deserved, happy, romantic ending; but not without some angst in the middle. =)

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