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45  Krissi Griffin posted on Aug 26, 2013 | All about spike
I have read this story 3 times now and it still breaks my heart, it os beautiful ,poignant , and very emotive without being mushy. I have really enenjoyed story and no doubt will do so again thank yoi . Regards Krissi
44  Lucy posted on Dec 20, 2012
This is perfection. Nothing could be changed to improve this. Emotions all over the place.
43  silke posted on Apr 25, 2010
i read this story literally years ago and now i found it again... still loving it... i think it gets better with time...great job!!
42  Jamie posted on Oct 14, 2009
your story of the end of the world as told through spike and buffy's eyes broke me in ways i can't really express. your descriptions are so perfect. the dreams of how her friends and lovers died without her just tore through me. and the idea that she would come to welcome oblivion in spike's arms, after all the violence and hatred and cruelty and finally love - well, it was poetic.

an apocalypse that was caused by humans being human - it is a more plausible and terrifying notion than any scheme posited by the 'powers of darkness.' i can imagine it happening. it is chilling.

thank you for sharing this heartbreaking story.
41  Slyn posted on Jun 18, 2009
This was hauntingly beautiful. I couldn't give up hope the whole time I was reading it...that maybe there was a spell, or that this was a hell dimension...and that somehow Spike and Buffy would be saved. That the world would have another chance. Then I cried as the inevitable happened and it ended. I am just sick at the thought that this sort of evil exists in the world we live in. Who needs vampires and monsters? We have that button of our own creation.

Thank you for this story. I will never forget it.
40  DreamFlight posted on Apr 30, 2009
Oh god that was beautiful and horrible all at once. I was crying all through the last chapter. Brilliant and poetic and I really really hope that the world never has to end that way.
39  eponine posted on Feb 15, 2007
And I couldn't have discovered this story after I wrote my Buffy/OTB crossover? Grr. I'm in the developing the plot stages of my fic and haven't begun writing it in earnest yet, so I'm a little nervous about reading this. I love your stories, so I'm going to have to read it at some point, but as this is the only other Buffy/OTB crossover I've ever seen outside my own, I don't want to end up inadvertently stealing stuff from you. Again with the grr. I'm bookmarking this now and I am SO coming back to it after I write at least some of my story.

38  diettakramer posted on Jul 22, 2006
This is an amazingly beautiful story, I don't know if I even have the words to say how much this story moved me. I literally had tears creeping down my face while I read the last few chapters. I loved the music from the All American party, 'American Pie' is one of my favorite songs. Please, keep writing.
37  Krista posted on Jul 20, 2006
This was heartbreaking, my husband had to hug me for a bit afterwards. Written beautifully, I felt like I was there with them. I hurt from it, but it was a beautiful hurt. I don't think there was a chapter that didn't make me cry. I loved the bit about the peaches. I loved that everyone smoked, cause why not? I loved that everyone was fucking there life away, reminds me of the time Glory was telling Dawn she doesn't understand why everone wants to live, when we're so self destructive anyway. Thank you for this fic. Today I will celebrate that I'm alive.
36  jessica posted on Apr 30, 2006
oh my god. i just finished reading this story, and i dont think i can come up with a good enough comment for you. the last two chapters.. theres a physical pain in my chest from it. you made buffy's pain and spike's pain of the world ending so damn real its hurting me. this was beyond an excellent story.
35  Angela posted on Mar 19, 2006
Best fic I've ever read. Period.
34  Jasmine posted on Feb 21, 2006
I am haunted by what you wrote. Can't stop thinking about the fragility of life. The movie "On the Beach" is devastating, but it's even more poignant imagining what Buffy & Spike would do. I admit that I had to get past the notion that Buffy would abandon her friends and the wish that Spike had found her when he had a soul or at least a chip. Then I realized all of that would defeat the purpose of the story which is a look at the waste of unnecessary nuclear death. So beautifully done that after awhile, I felt like I was drifting in your world and it was all right that this was not the Buffy & Spike I knew because nobody could be what they were in such circumstances. I won't forget this story.
33  PL posted on Feb 19, 2006
I just wanted to say that this is one of the better fanfics I have ever read concerning Buffy: The Vampire Slayer. This is coming from a journalist, it was an amazing story, with intense imagery, and I'm happy that there are fanfic writers who can create stories like this one. Thx for ur time.

32  Nikkole posted on Sep 29, 2005
I read this story a couple of years ago, and lost it shortly there after. I found it again after asking on a ton of different websites. I cried just as hard this time as I did the last. It was and still is amazing!
31  Betty_m posted on Jun 23, 2005
I've never been a fan of either fan fiction or BtVS (I've seen maybe 5 episodes, all in the last six months). I became curious about the phenomenon after discovering the late lamented show, Angel, in reruns. This led to All About Spike and your remarkable novelette.

I would like to say that you could change the names to Greg and Ava and the story you've woven would still be as moving as this "shipper" story. Your scenes and pacing were perfect, the tone and tension palpable throughout. I notice this story has been posted for a couple of years. Doesn't matter, the characterizations are clear and appear true to what I gather their characters were pre-soul/chipped Spike, post graduation.

I used to have nuclear war dreams as a child during the 60's--truthfully most of us did back then. We had the drop and cover exercizes, and the civic emergency horns used to be tested periodically. Several downtown department stores (L.A.) still had the yellow signs as "fallout shelter". We had crazy war mongers similar to Dr. Strangelove in the Whitehouse, and we learned the term "Def Con". The Doomsday Clock ticked relentlessly toward Midnight. And the boys strutted around singing Walzing Matilda in the face of annihilation, except for cockroaches.

In a way, your story captured those feelings, those fears.

Keep writing. I look forward to reading your original worlds and visions.
30  tori posted on Jan 1, 2005
i don't usually give feedback, but 'the last summer' merited a response.

as a student i do a lot of reading, academic papers, english lit. classics or otherwise, and i have to say, your story is amazingly well-writing. a rarity for most fanfic. the poignant, wonderfully-aching, wistful, and *hot* story you've told has burnt it's way into my psyche. I've been to Hiroshima, to the museum and peace statues, and seen the indiscriminate death, illness and destruction that raped the land and it's people for years after 1945. I always laughed at my favorite show's creation of 'the end of the world' as some kind of mostly painless magical surprise, when in my mind, the aftermath of nuclear war and human shortsightedness was ultimately more terrifying. in Japan, there was black, goopy, deadly rain, shadows of shopkeepers physically burned into cement walls, skin dripping and melting off people made insane from the pain and the heat of the bomb, tattered watches stopped dead at 8:15, but the worse was seeing the mangled remains of a little boy's tricycle, and imagining what happened to the owner when solid steel was twisted and burned so badly. i can't convey in words what it was like, you'd have to see it for yourself to truly understand.
I was impressed at your description of the slow creeping radiation in being fairly accurate. well done. and the political strife between economic interests in tawain and ownership between china and the usa leading to such disaster is plausible, so again well done.

oh and the roller racer zippo was fucking hilarious, i happen to be in a wheelchair from a nasty skiing accident, and i though that was funniest thing i read all day.

finally, i loved the music references, of course i'm biased cuz i know and love all those songs and bands, but still it was awesome and fitting. there's this song by the buzzcocks "ever fallen in love with someone you shouldn't've" that all fits the later spike and buffy non-relationship perfectly, you might want to look it up since we share similar musical taste, nothing better than angsty driving to placebo.

plus YAY AUSTRALIA! if the world gonna end, that's where i'd be!

got any more stories for me? this was a pleasure to read,

29  tiffy posted on Dec 2, 2004
One of the best pieces of fiction i have read imagery outstanding, great ending keep it up
28  Gina posted on Nov 20, 2004
Bleak... heartbreaking... haunting. You've painted a horrific and dying world in vibrant hues and I won't soon forget it.
27  Buffy Watt posted on Nov 15, 2004
The Last Summer is one of the saddest pieces of work that I have read so far. It's beautifully written and would enjoy reading more like it. Thank you for giving the world this story.
26  Dani posted on Jun 16, 2004
Wow, just wow. That was so good. I loved the imagery and the mystery in the story. Not everything was descibed leaving it to the imagination. I loved also the way you fromed the realtionship between the two of them. Very good, keep on writing.
25  Debs posted on Jun 15, 2004
This was recommended by a friend and I am so glad she did. So dark, so sad, so melancholy but also the ending - noble and right. Don't know how you found it in yourself to write this but I'm betting you did it with a tear in your eye. Really having trouble focussing now because tears are completely blurring my vision and my heart is breaking. The relationship between Spike and Buffy, born out of desperation but culminating in love - speechless.
24  Irishwoman39 posted on May 24, 2004 | http
My god this is the darkest,sadest story I have ever read.But I have to say your writing was phenomenal.You plunged me into a very dark hole,but I couldn't put thr story down.I didn't quit from the first chapter to the sad last chapter.I eill look for more of you FanFic later,Ihave to go now.
23  Irishwoman39 posted on May 24, 2004 | http
My god this is the darkest,sadest story I have ever read.But I have to say your writing was phenomenal.You plunged me into a very dark hole,but I couldn't put thr story down.I didn't quit from the first chapter to the sad last chapter.I eill look for more of you FanFic later,Ihave to go now.
22  Xaara posted on May 18, 2004
I don't think I've ever enjoyed a more eloquently written story in my long time as a reader of all sorts of fan fiction. Your characters remained utterly true to themselves even as they were submitted to a situation beyond their control or even understanding.

The raw emotion throughout the story resonated deeply - I must admit that certain portions moved me to tears. And though the end was tragic, it was at the same time uplifting and beautiful, and somehow right.

Lyrical prose, a strong plot, and extremely well-done characterization all combined to make this a story well worth the time I took to read it.

Wonderful work.
21  Mouse posted on Feb 12, 2004
That was beautiful.
20  peanutbutter posted on Feb 12, 2004
That's probably one of the best pieces of fiction i've ever read. This is the kind of emotion I strive to inspire in the pieces that I've written. I've never achieved it to this manitude. Your story was beautiful and I cried shamelessly through the last three chapters. The downpour surprised me and surprises me now as I'm still moved to tears. Thank you so much for writing this and making me ball like a baby.
19  Eirtae posted on Dec 13, 2003
Well. Having just finished reading this fic(that term seems almost derogatory when applied to your piece of art), I have a few things to say. One, I'm moved in a way that only a few songs and a few certain memories are capable of. Two, I cried practically all the way through. The cleansing sort of tears, not messy and shameful. Three, I am the ultimate critic when it comes to phrasing, word usage, etc. And I'll be honest: I found several instances where the wording might have been off or complex to the point of being distracting. But guess what? You got me so wrapped up in the story and the characters that I wouldn't have cared if you'd misspelled every other word. Truly, I was touched, and the ending was just to *right*. So true to the characters, and just beautiful. I felt all these conflicting emotions while reading, and at the end I still haven't figured them out. And you know, that is proof of writing in its purest form. To leave the reader thinking and feeling after everything is said and done. You've connected with everyone who read this. You struck a chord of questions that's still resonating and echoing, and I hope to hear the music for as long as I live.

Everyone should read this story, dammit.
18  Nu posted on Aug 18, 2003
Wow. I stumbled upon this story and I loved it! It's been awhile since I've ready any Buffy/Spike fics..esp. good ones so thank you.
17  alyssa posted on Jul 28, 2003 |
that was the best-written fic ive ever read. while i read it it was like id fallen into a dream, all slow and spiraling. you must be a poet. youve left me a bit dizzy and dazed but in the best way possible.
16  dee posted on Jul 1, 2003
Everyone here starts their comments with "wow!" I guess it shows how speechless we all are at the end of this. I loved the descriptions of Buffy's multi-colored hair, really loved the descriptions of Spike's body (james marsters would blush at your intense scrutiny!) and the story left me crying at the end. Our brave Spike and our haunted buffy.. it doesn't get better than this! Keep writing!

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